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Are These Common Habits Increasing Your Stress!

from: Expert Author Amit Saraswat

When a person works beyond his or her capacity and the mind of an individual comes under pressure then that condition is stress. This Stress comprises hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart attacks and disruption of immune system etc. We come across this stress by our some common habits. They are explained in the following manner:


Everyone in this world wants to be perfect, but nobody is perfect in this living world. People have habit to improve themselves for being perfect. They are fully concentrated on such a task and if they are not successful, then in that condition they possess the condition of stress. In such a condition a person has to accept what he or she is.


Anger is the biggest and most common enemy of health. People have a habit of getting angry on his family members, friends and colleagues to get work done and also to release their frustration and excessive anger leads to the stage of stress which can only be remedied by controlling our anger.

All- Day Sitting Routine

In our new developing world every task is performed by sitting at one place. We do not require any physical labour to get the task be completed whether it is personal or professional. This lack of exercise and physical labour causes stress. The stress caused by this reason can be suppressed by doing regular exercise.

Excessive work

Now the man of today's generation is busy in earning money and for that he or she works beyond his or her working capabilities. Doing excessive work without taking rest leads to the state of stress. The stress caused by such a reason can be suppressed by taking a good amount of sleep.

Lack of entertainment

When we entertain ourselves by watching movies, hearing songs and other entertaining activity, then our mind gets relaxed but if this entertainment is lacking to us then there comes the condition of stress. The stress caused by such a habit can be remedied by having the proper amount of entertainment.


Sometimes a person has gotten tensed by any personal or professional problem in such a condition he or she discuss that problem with his or her family members, friends or co-worker in order to get rid of that problem but as a consequence of it he or she get deeply indulged in that problem and get stressed. To get rid with this type of stress takes a visit of psychiatrist and also takes a good amount of sleep.

Bangalore Baptist Hospital is a hospital which is situated in Bangalore and is meant for caring and serving people. Bangalore Baptist Hospital has different medical department and psychiatry is one among them. The best psychiatrist of India is Dr Vimal Kumar, whose clinic lies in Delhi.

Thus stress is that condition which can be a part of any person and its remedy lies within our control. Due care should be done for a person suffering from stress.

Bangalore Baptist Hospital is a hospital which is situated in Bangalore and is meant for to provide quality, holistic care to all people.

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