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Self Improvement Seminars

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Attending self improvement seminars is common nowadays. Offices require their regular employees to attend such workshops at least once a year to help boost morale and build productivity. Some individuals enrol themselves in like classes because they want to be better at something. Even the seemingly most experienced among us will not pass up an opportunity to participate in anything that involves improving the self.

This is man's nature. Human beings are in the constant search for self improvement, because we all feel that we must do so in order to cope smoothly with the rapidly changing times. For instance, in the corporate world, sometimes just holding a college degree is not sufficient. In order to get ahead of the plethora of college graduates, one must have something extra to offer – and this is often achieved by getting into self improvement seminars.

When we compare the seminars that are available, no matter what their thrusts are (whether to help you swim better or write better), there are some things that are common to them. Here are some of the unifying factors among self improvement seminars. They will give you an idea what to expect once you decide to join one.

Self contracting

Once you have established a base rate for a particular behavior (for instance, I am late two out of three times), then you can create a set of rules for changing that behavior and set up a contract. A contract takes the form of an "if-then" rule. For example, IF I am on time to a meeting, THEN I will watching TV tonight. Being on time to a meeting is the behavior of interest and watching TV is the reward or consequence of the behavior.

Self contracting means that you administer your own rewards. As part of this procedure, then, you must list things that you would consider rewarding. Obviously, different things are rewarding for different people. Contracting with another person may be even more successful.

Contracting with a significant other

Experts say there are five contract principles

- The contract must be fair

- The terms should be very clear

- The contract must be positive

- Procedures should be consistent and systematic

- At least one person should participate

Contracts have the value of involving people in the planning of their lifestyle changes. When you actually write down what behaviors will tied to what rewards or consequences, you will be less likely to forget about it. A significant other may be anybody you can be made accountable and confide in.


Self improvement seminars will tell us that is difficult to go cold turkey. Shaping is the process of introducing components of a program sequentially as the individual learns and performs prior steps in the sequence. They have been established to "shape" desired behaviors. The steps are graded in order of difficulty for the person.


If you were going to save money this pay period but forgot, why not place a note on each payday on your kitchen calendar? Set up a reminder system. A calendar that you look at each day is an ideal place to put reminder messages. You can even ask someone else to remind you.

Self-help groups

Many people with alcoholism problems have found successful solutions to their problems with self-help groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous. Other self-help groups include Gambler's Anonymous, Weight Watchers, self-help drug programs, divorce groups, and, yes, self improvement seminars. The self help movement has generated numerous groups to assist people with common problems.

Given the items mentioned, self improvement seminars, we can conclude, say basically the same thing: that improvement can be induced and influenced. There are many tools available to help us achieve our goals, but it is via self motivation, primarily, that we reach success. These seminars and the concepts they teach are there to serve as guide points in our journey toward self improvement. It is up to us to make things happen.

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