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´╗┐Is There Really Such A Thing As A Self Improvement Month!

from: Marie K Gordon - Guest Writer

A quick Internet search will tell us that November is considered by many as self improvement month. They say it is a time to engage ourselves in different kinds of efforts at improving ourselves, like enrolling in writing or personality development classes, learning a new hobby or craft, reading new books, watching more educational and inspirational shows, spending more time with family members, or taking a vacation.

However, the question remains. Is there really such a thing as a self improvement month? Well, for many, maybe, November is it.

However, looking really close into the matter, all months should be seen as self improvement months, because self improvement should not really be confined to a single and set period. All days, every minute, every second, everybody should seek to improve themselves and not just delegate such efforts and their energies to a particular time.

Man is equipped with rational faculties, that's why we are above all of God's other creations. That's why we are called the superior beings. Because of this trait, it is, thus, obvious that we must exercise our energies to every day find means and ways to better ourselves. Boxing these endeavors in a single month is simply limiting and is somewhat an insult to our abilities to think for ourselves.

Now that that's out of the way, instead of thinking whether or not a self improvement month exists, we should focus our attentions on bettering ourselves and the things around us. How can we make this happen? There are various levels of change: you can opt to take the physical route, the emotional, the skills, the psychological, or what have you. Whatever it is you decide to build on yourself, stick to it and make it happen.

Do you want to be able to manage your stress better? Read up on related literature or participate in stress management courses. Do you want to learn how to weave a basket or knit? Then, by all means, do so. There's really nothing stopping you from getting involved in something new. Have you been wanting to go on a vacation in Hawaii? Why not do it now? Why wait and wait?

Life is meant to be lived. And the one of the best ways to live it better is to make our lives more fruitful and engage ourselves in more activities that would push us into the direction toward the achievement of our goals and dreams. It should not take a certain celebration, like a self improvement month, to prod us to do them. The desire for a more interesting and fruitful life alone should be motivation enough.

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