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Frontpage 2000 Feedback Forms
The actual URL that appeared was F:\tempCD\IPCJ CD\--WEBBOT-SELF-- where F: is my test partition and tempCD is where I test various CDs; obviously, ... - 35k -

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Total Commander Historia Windows Commander 3.50
03.03.98 Fixed: Problems with self extractor and special characters () ... 26.11.97 Fixed: Lister had problems with files which started with 2x 0A (hex) ... - 26k -

Phys. Rev. B 19, 1230 (1979): Monga et al. - Self-energy of ...
However for the LiF crystal the improvement over earlier results for the ... 4r 4BC)(r 4A + 6r'B + 9C) + (2r 4BC+ llr 2C2)(r 0A + Or20B+ 15C)] + [r0AB2+ 6r ... -

Dave's Log O'Stuff at
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arXiv:nlin.CD/0604029 v2 20 Apr 2006
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A test electron beam is used to observe its non-self-consistent interaction ... electron lasers where improvement of performances are of ... -

Symptom improvement from prokinetic therapy corresponds to ...
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tients also gave a self-rated global evaluation, the Overall ... 0A)001. Psychological state. MBHI recent. stress. 50.86 l l.70ac. 56.42 5.95b,c ... -

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