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Silent Subliminal CD - Another Tool For Self-Improvement

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Information in subliminal form is too fast to be consciously perceived. However, it becomes instilled in one’s mind quickly. This is mainly the reason why several self-improvement CDs are in subliminal form nowadays. Such tools are really effective in changing someone for the better.

Studies have shown that, with the help of self-improvement silent subliminal CDs, the attainment of goals is very much possible. One can easily lose weight, put an end to a bad habit, cultivate a more attractive personality, and do many other things. As self-improvement is often too difficult to achieve because personal resistance comes in the way, these types of tools should indeed be very beneficial.

Most of these silent subliminal CDs work well with Windows so installation should not be a problem. One particular type is called Subliminal Software on the Mindware Forum. Subconscious learning is one of the things it tackles which has been shown to be an effective way to improve oneself.

Another interesting version is named Hypno-Doctor software. The information and strategies contained in this silent subliminal CD are the combination of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and brain entrainment. Users can experience hypno-theraphy sessions that are geared toward self-improvement. A trial version may be downloaded from the website.

Moreover, these silent subliminal CDs may also be interactive. An example is the Subliminal Master 1.2 Software which functions well with Windows. It is fully programmable so it is definitely very effective in addressing individual concerns. There are standard features but users may opt for those other suggested categories. The subliminal messages are given out while the user does other things in the PC like typing or surfing the net.

Similar to Subliminal Master’s approach is that of Subliminal Power which was developed in England. Changes or improvement in one’s self may be achieved while one works in the computer as it is when subliminal messages pop out. Likewise, the user may create his own subliminal messages with the use of the full message editor. The settings are also quite comprehensive so one can customize the display options. This particular subliminal CD also makes use of music to further imprint the message to the user’s mind. Several types of music will make the brainwaves more synchronized and the person more receptive to the subliminal messages displayed on the computer.

Furthermore, just released recently is Brain Bullet. It is another subliminal software that elevates one’s perception and consciousness leading to the functioning and utilization of the whole brain. In such way, both left and right hemispheres are at their peak and are in synchrony with each other. Thus, any effort towards self-improvement, no matter how difficult or complicated it is, is more likely to be recognized and implemented well.

What is common among these self-improvement silent subliminal CDs is the fact that they use the PC in asserting the messages. This is especially important since a lot of tasks right now involve the use of the computer. People spend a great amount of time facing only the PC. Thus, there is more opportunity for subliminal messages to get across and be instilled in the subconscious. In effect, people achieve more and are able to improve as desired.

Indeed, self-improvement will take place in the light of appropriate support systems. These silent subliminal CDs are definitely good supplements to the support that family and friends can sincerely give.

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