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Behavior Modification For Self-Improvement In A Catholic Perspective

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

The Catholic Church advocates constant yearning for what is good and Godly. This is obviously geared towards self-improvement. Catholics are expected to always aim for what God originally intended human beings to become.

The world is indeed full of temptations to sin. Every form of sin committed is a deviation from the original design of God of human beings. This gives more reason for people to regularly read the Holy Bible so that God’s words will be their shield from the devil’s deceiving ways.

Reading God’s word does not only keep temptations away, it also further reveals how God wants His people to behave. The various characters of the Holy Scripture clearly manifest who must be emulated because of their commitment to the will of God. Moreover, the Holy Scripture and the Catholic Church emphasize that Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model because all His actions and words were purely based on what God wanted. Thus, any effort for behaviour modification and self-improvement must take its inspiration from Jesus Christ.

In addition, Catholics believe in the power of forgiveness. It is known to have a strong impact not just on a personal level but on a relational and societal level as well. A person finds peace within as he forgives and becomes at peace with God and with other people. At this state of mind and heart, it is much easier to bring out the best in oneself and improve. On the contrary, when one sins and is not sorry for it, resentment and guilt remain in him which negatively affects all aspects of his life.

Forgiveness is likewise considered as the first step towards acceptance and love of oneself. These two are very important in self-improvement. One cannot desire to be better or know what to improve if he does not accept who he really is at the moment. It takes a great deal of humility to be able to at least begin with the goal of changing some ways and becoming an improved person.

Indeed, forgiveness works in two ways. It benefits the person being forgiven as well as the person forgiving. Resentment and guilt in both parties are released which then paves the way for further improvement of the self. If one dwells so much on his anger on someone else, he does not have time to reflect on himself and see how much more he can still become a better person. Opportunities for self-improvement are just wasted.

For Catholics, prayer is the best way to ask for guidance as to how to behave correctly and in accordance to God’s will. Temptations to go astray may indeed be great but with constant communication with God, one will never go wrong no matter what. Furthermore, dedicating a life in service to God is also a great way to improve as a child of God. No doubt that such kind of life is an improved life because all actions are for God’s greater glory.

Self-improvement does not really require a change of religion and is not exclusive to a particular one. It is a possibility for all people from all walks of life.

The only thing that people must always remember is that they must live in accordance to the Words of their Creator. Under such guidance, no one can go wrong.

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