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How to Make Money With Self-Improvement Seminars

from: Curtiss Witt - Guest Contributor

It seems like since the time of creation, ambitious individuals all over the world have assigned some "indescribable secret" to the success of those people who make a lot of money. These individuals have spent, and will keep spending, a great deal of money to grow these "secrets" within themselves.

In particular since the beginning of the seventies, there has been a developing increase by the public to go to classes, workshops, and self-improvement seminars that will give them the knowledge to grow their methods as well as their efforts, with those of the individuals who have already been successful.

The popularity of they types of best-selling how-to books as "WINNING IS BELIEVING...THINK AND GROW RICH...HOW TO DEVELOP A WINNING PERSONALITY...OVERCOMING SHYNESS... IMAGINEERING... NEW LIFE OPTIONS... WINNING BY NEGOTIATION... SUCCESSFUL VISUAL-VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS... CONVERSATIONALLY SPEAKING" and numerous others gives an insight to the "need" for self-improvement seminars.

You can market and hold these seminars either as using general knowledge or using specialist knowledge in a particular area of expertise, and grow wealth for yourself just about beyond your what you imagine right now! The marketing possibility has only just been scratched, giving a true ground-floor possibility for those with the guts to make an effort.

Dale Carnegie, author of the book, How To Win Friends and Influence People, was for certain one of the initial, if not "the first" self-improvement seminar marketer and teacher. In the time of the Great Depression in the thirties, he saw this requirement in people to improve themselves--he went into an agreement with the local management of his neighborhood YMCA, and got the word out that he was giving classes on self-improvement, and after that, it became one of the really classic "unemployed-to-multi-million-dollar" success stories that you will hear.

A self-improvement seminar is managed much akin to a Toastmaster's Club meeting. It can be located just about anywhere, from the informal setting of a home living room to the formal setting of the Hilton Convention Center.

Generally, a self-improvement seminar is a group of individuals where one or more presenters discuss a particular topic. It is often the case that only a particular part of self-improvement, such as 'How To develop A Positive Mental Attitude', is the main part of the seminar. In this effect, the most successful seminars cover "specialized areas" of self-improvement.

These presenters usually finish up their discussions with audience reactions, questions and answer periods. Many of them "wind down" with the presenter going through the attendees, with lots of possibilities for the purchase of self-help books and tapes by the individuals requiring on-going motivation and back up to what they've just listened to. Generally, sometimes even as the highlighted topic of the seminar, there's a good bit of motivation sent out during these seminars.

The main factor is motivation which is more the goal of these seminars than the attendees gaining knowledge of something they didn't already know. The most used words of most seminar presenters is generally, "It's the difference between having a dream and taking action--a matter of saying I can, believing it, and then doing it--because you can!

Successful seminars are usually founded upon the idea of handing you the power to believe in yourself. The presenter generally talks from knowledge and expertise they have obtained from their own personal experiences. Self-improvement seminars hand the attendees the tools, and the motivation, that is necessary to be successful. Therefore, a well organized and well given seminar that assists people to achieve success can't help but be successful because we are a success bases society, it's an easy thing to get across with an earning potential that is limited only by your ability to get your message across.

You most likely won't require an office to be successful with self-improvement seminars. The attendees don't come to you, you take your seminars to them. Self-improvement seminars have some appeal to just about all of us, from blue-collar workers to high level executives.

In general, the average price per person to go to a seminar is around $300, so your target audience will be from the upper-income level, but if you handle the marketing process properly, you'll get attendees from lesser income levels as well.

A lot of seminar marketers make use of sales teams to call the high level company executives and either get the company to fund the price of several employees to attend as educational or business improvement investments, or to fund the sponsorship of a "group seminar" for all of that particular company's middle management staff. A lot of specialty presenters bring in over $100,000 per year with scheduled motivational and/or self-improvement seminars in this way.

At the start though, you'll get your beginning by putting on seminars for the general public in hotel banquet rooms, hotel ballrooms, and convention centers. This will mean outlays for advertising costs, plus the cost for the rented space, and an "on hand" stocking of the products you want to sell to the individuals who come to your seminars.

Usually, you'll do very well with an intensive radio advertising campaign covering the week prior to your seminar date. In a city area of half a million people, you should outlay a two or so thousand dollars on radio advertising, and say half again for flashy newspaper marketing. Many seminar marketers put aside a quarter of their budget for print papers, then use half for putting into radio. Naturally, the distribution of your advertising budget should be based on the what has worked in the past and the power of each type of media inside that specific market. Not too much thought should be given to television advertising, with the exception of guest appearances on the community service discussion shows.

A lot of marketers use all of this activity and funds to promote a series of free seminars. These free seminars generally pull in large crowds, during which expert "front men" rev everybody up with super-motivational tales that have the purpose of wetting the appetite of the attendees for more. These free seminars usually last around 45 minutes to an hour, and are only motivational in purpose. Each individual who attends is given a circular containing the up-coming "main event" as they leave these free seminars.

An overture for a commitment is usually made---at least for a deposit for the price of the "real thing" which is normally scheduled for the up coming week. Those who do agree to attend the main seminar are then called by professional telephone sales experts and given the complete sales pitch between the day of the free seminar and the time of the real event. With great advertising, up-front motivational presenters, attractive program circulars and experienced telephone sales people, you can usually expect to close about 30 to 35% of the attendees of your free seminars.

In closing, it can not be stated enough of the fact that there are in reality millions of people all over the country ready and willing to pay money to you for assisting them to improve themselves. You can begin with meetings in your home, or your local restaurant. All it takes is effort on your part to get it developed, and ambition from yourself to begin making it a reality. Best of fortune, and now get it up and running.
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CL loves Self-Improvement Seminars and has been interested in the subject for many years. In addition to Self-Improvement Seminars you can check out his newest interest in Anti-Aging Skin Serum over at This site provides great information and helps people find the best online deals

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