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Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life

from: Guest Contributor - Camille Goscicki

Have you ever known a time in your life when a bad attitude helped you with what you were dealing with? How about someone else you've known who walked around with that cloud over their head, expecting life to rain on them at any moment? Did their bad attitude fight off the storm!

Personally, I can't think of any time in my past when my bad attitude solved any problem or concern I was facing. If anything, the attitude I carried brought on more misery, and a lack of clear thought that could have helped me make things better.

Having a bad attitude affected my self-esteem, my decisions, and my choices in life. Negativity made me fear life and what was ahead of me in the future. Somehow, some way, my attitude changed, due to my marriage, the birth of my daughter; and the death of my only brother, among other life experiences.

I got to the point in life where I'd say to myself, "This isn't a dress rehearsal, kiddo. This is life. If you're going to live it, you might as well live it well." So I chose a new perspective. It worked for me. I'm not afraid of what lies ahead anymore, and I face life with an "active pessimist" attitude. I may complain, criticize and get ticked off about stuff that happens, but then I take action and do something about it (if I can). Sometimes there's nothing I can do except let the storm ride out.

I'm sure you've seen those people who constantly complain about getting older, who feed into the old-age stereotypes, and who use age as an excuse to let their bodies and minds go to waste. I've seen it myself, in people decades younger than me. What a terrible way to age!

Vital aging requires an empowered attitude.

I didn't just pull that belief off the top of my head. Aging experts and researchers have shown that a person's attitude affects their aging process. Many studies have shown that:

Older people who believe in positive aging stereotypes live longer than those who believed in negative stereotypes.

Older people with a positive attitude take better care of themselves, and may recover from illness/injury faster.

Older people who stay engaged in life (e.g., with lifelong learning) have a higher quality of life than those who don't.

Often, older people are happier than younger adults. (Face it, we know we have less time on this earth, so it's important to make the most of it!)

Why "get" older when you can "grow" older? When you reach the age of 40, or 50, let go of the "over the hill" thinking. Start climbing again. There are new hills to challenge you. Change your perspective. Let go of those stereotypes. Quit complaining. Make physical and mental fitness a priority. Fight ageism. Stay connected. Laugh out loud. Remain flexible. Keep learning. Take charge of your life.

Camille Goscicki
Get your daily dose of health and wellness at: http://www.vitalaging4women.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Camille_Goscicki/1823253

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