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´╗┐The Elements Of A Great Employee Motivation Program

from: Jennifer C Morton - Guest Writer

"What will improve my business?" is the question commonly asked by entrepreneurs. Sometimes, these people turn to product improvement for the answer. Some entrepreneurs prefer to "upgrade" their companies by getting new machinery. These people think that by including more technology in their operation, they will be able to increase their profits.

However, most entrepreneurs today are turning towards employee motivation for the solution. Employee motivation can be one of the biggest headaches of an entrepreneur. This is because of the unpredictable nature of human beings. There's no telling what a person will do when presented with a given situation. Sure, we can pretend that psychology has made a lot of discoveries about human behavior, but the truth remains that not every "truth" that psychologists conclude from their experiments is applicable to everyone.

Employee motivation programs are often used by entrepreneurs to try and encourage their workers to increase their productivity. Motivation is having the encouragement to achieve a certain goal. Motivation is what fuels our willingness to do something. Entrepreneurs need employee motivation programs to help them improve their business. A highly motivated employee will work more efficiently. If an employee is motivated, he or she will be able to overcome any obstacles that people often face in work.

But what should a person include in an employee motivation program?

1) Incentives - Most employee motivation programs often make use of incentives to boost morale. An employee motivation program which offers incentives is said to be more effective. Of course, the effectiveness of this type of employee motivation program depends upon what is offered. Some employers find that the reactions to different incentives can vary from person to person.

Sometimes, people are more motivated if the incentive offered is some sort of luxury item. A couple of limited tickets to a game, a gadget of some sort, and other things that people would be hard-pressed to buy. However, if you want to be safe, cash incentives are always a good idea for an employee motivation program.

2) Interaction - This is the most important part of an employee motivation program. Employee motivation programs should promote the interaction between employees and the boss. Usually, an employee motivation program involves competition. However, one should take care not to create negative energy within the workplace. When employees fight amongst themselves for an incentive, the company usually suffers. Remember that the purpose of an employee motivation program is to have your employees focus more on their work, not on their personal grudges against each other.

3) Repetition - Employee motivation programs should be included in the regular operations of a company. A company should not just have an employee motivation program to temporarily boost profits. An example of an employee motivation program that is implemented repeatedly is the "employee of the month" award. However, a person should take care not to continually use the same incentive as this would become coring for the employees and they would eventually dwindle in their performance because they think that there's always another time.

These are the common elements of a good employee motivation program. Of course, some employers just prefer the old "work hard or you're fired" technique, but the additional pressure caused by this rarely increase productivity. In order for an employee motivation program to be effective it needs to balance the rewards and the punishment, and it should always include the input of the employees.

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