5 Steps To Attract More Clients To Your Self Improvement And Self Growth Practice

If you are a coach or business leader with a practice in the filed of self improvement and self growth you will be interested in the following market research and how it can help you attract more clients to your practice.

Dave Ricklan, Founder of Self Growth, one of the leading sites on the internet for self improvement researched the field of self growth.

You might at first glance say “well those results are not a surprise”. However read on and discover how you can apply this research to your coaching practice.

The results of the survey are detailed below.

Question 1 – Who are the most important leaders in the Self Improvement Industry?

The answers were: Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Jack Canfield.

Question 2 – What websites are the most effective for generating traffic to your website?

The answers were: Google, Yahoo, SelfGrowth, MSN and MSN Search, EzineArticles.

Question 3 – Where do you get the most up to date information on the Self Improvement Industry?

The answers were: SelfGrowth, Google and Google Alerts, Amazon, Master Mind Groups, Hay House and Hay House Radio.

So what are the implications of this research?

Here are five actions you can take to attract more clients to your self growth and self improvement practice.

1. If you are in the self improvement industry, and are wondering what the alternative resources are that your potential clients will turn to for products and services, this is invaluable information. Be sure to familiarise yourself with companies detailed in the research and the self growth and self improvement resources that these other companies provide.

2. Review the websites of these companies and discover how they present their marketing materials and the kinds of language that they use in their web copy. Make sure that you do not copy their information, but study these sites and learn what these leaders in the self growth and self improvement industry know about their potential clients.

3. Ensure that you are writing content rich articles in the field of self improvement and self development and are regularly submitting them to EzineArticles.com as your potential clients are using EzineArticles.com as a place to research for solutions to help them. Make sure that you have a compelling resource box at the end of your article that will then encourage readers of your self growth and self improvement articles to visit your website.

4. Write and submit online press releases about your self improvement and self growth practice every month and ensure that they are rich in key words for your field of expertise. You online press release will help you get found in the search engines and in Google Alerts, two of the key places people rely on for finding solutions for their self growth and self improvement challenges.

5. Create an action plan for the next 90 days of specific activities that you can take to apply what you have learned from this research in terms of building your corporate brand and personal brand as an expert in the self development and self growth field. How will you be able to differentiate yourself? What actions do you need to take to move your marketing materials to the next level? Identify the resources you can apply to enjoy even a fraction of success that these leaders in the self improvement and self development sector have realised. Then implement your branding and business development action plan.

NOTE: The research reported on was undertaken by SelfGrowth.com in July 2007.

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