Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona Nightlife

Free Entrance to more than 40 best parties at the best night clubs in Barcelona with Shaz Guest List every night and all year long. All you need to do is sign up on our website and say “I AM ON SHAZ LIST” at the cub Entrance. You can also book VIP tables and Bottle Service. Ask us any questions about Barcelona Nightlife on whatsapp +34663362087 or visit

ABOUT Barcelona Nightlife
Barcelona Parties was founded by Shaz Diaz in 2008 just after he graduated from Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. Initially it was just a summer part time job to have fun after those hard years of an engineering university but the concept became so popular that it was transformed into the most popular nightlife promotion and marketing company. Since then, Barcelona Parties have been recommended on various travel guides, tv channels, websites and blogs all over the world. Some of the names are Kabeleins TV in Germany, Marco Polo, Le Routard and many more..

In Barcelona, clubbing and nightlife is simple, if you are well dressed and you are in Shaz Guest List you can get in to almost every club of Barcelona for FREE. Unlike in other countries, Night clubs in Barcelona welcome everyone with open hands, even groups of guys even without girls with them have no problems getting into the clubs as long as the follow the dress code of the club.

The nightlife scene in Barcelona is huge, there are more than 20 clubs, most of the clubs open every night and all year long. Weather here is great and you can party all year long.

Barcelona Beach Clubs
The party area of Barcelona which is close to the beach is called Ciutadella Vila Olimpica, its 10 min walk from famous Barceloneta beach. Sometimes tourists call is Barceloneta Clubs area. The 5 main clubs located at this district are Opium Barcelona, Catwalk, Shoko, Carpe Diem (CDLC) and Pacha. This is the most popular nightlife district among tourist, exacts and foreigners living in Barcelona. Barcelona beach clubs usually open at midnight and close around 6 am. To avoid big lines, the best time to go a club is around 1 am in winter and around 23:30 in summer.

Barcelona La Rambla Clubs
La Rambla is the most popular touristic street in Barcelona, it starts from colombus monument at port vell and finishes at Plaza Catalunya. The 4 most popular clubs located near las ramblas are Jamboree, Boulevard, Doom, karma, macarena, moog and city hall. The clubs on the las ramblas open at mid night and close at 5 am.

Barcelona up town clubs
The nightlife scene at the uptown area of Barcelona is crowded by local Spanish and Catalan people. This area gets crowded very late, normally around 2- 2:30 clubs get full. Before everyone is drinking at the bars near by clubs. The famous clubs in this area Bling Bling, Soho, Otto zutz and Sutton.

Entrance fee to the clubs in Barcelona is normally 15 to 20 euros with a drink but if you are in Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE Entrance to the clubs and save a lot of money. The prices of a beer is from 5 – 8 euros and long drinks are from 10 – 14 euros depending on the clubs. Cocktails in the clubs are from the 15 – 20 euros. VIP Tables are from 200 – 300 euros minimum spend depending on a club, for every minimum spend they allow only 4-5 people in the VIP Section. Just to have an idea if you are more than 5 and less than 11, you will have to spend double and if you are from 11 – 15 then three times of minimum spend from the menu. Price of a 70 cl absolute vodka is 200 – 300 euros, grey goose from 300-350, magnums are from 600 – 700 euros.

Dress code during the week days is not as strict as on weekends, clubs don’t allow sports running shoes and on weekends a collar shirt is recommended. Most of the clubs don’t allow Men with face and ear piercings, Rasta hair, sides shaved hairstyle, too many tattoos, sports running shoes, bad or sleeveless t-shirts. For Ladies, heels are not obligatory but sneakers and sports outfits are not welcome. In short, dress to impress!

Mark (an Erasmus Barcelona student) arrives to Barcelona to party but just like you he needed a guide. That’s when he met Shaz , and Mark was transformed into a party animal.

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