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Have A Look Around And See If You Can You Find A Free Life Coach!

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer

Life coaching is emerging as a very popular service today. Advertisements of life coaches can be found everywhere. You can find the picture of a life coach smiling on the newspaper. You can find their websites on the internet. Their telephone numbers are flashed on the television. People who make use of the services of life coaches say that the money they pay is worth it.

They depend so much on these life coaches that they even ask themselves how they could have survived without having a life coach. However, they all look at life coaching as a service that has to be paid for. Apparently, the idea of a free life coach did not occur to them.

However, you should not be blinded by the commercialism of life coaches today. In the past, people did not have to pay money for a service such as life coaching. In the past, free life coaches could be found everywhere. Today, they are buried beneath commercialism; their wisdom hidden beneath the glossy advertisements of today's life coaches.

Where can you find a free life coach! Well, you might just want to take a look around you before you start dialing your phone.

1) Relatives – people sometimes complain that their parents are the main cause of their screwed-up lives. However, not all parents are like that. It is only the mentality of the public today that transforms parents from being loving and supportive to monsters. If people come to their parents for advice instead of paying for it, they will see that parents make excellent life coaches.

Let's say that you are uncomfortable with the idea of taking advice from your parents. Other relatives can serve as your free life coaches. How about your grandparents? Have you tried consulting your Uncle? How about going to your favorite cousin for help? Relatives can be awesome free life coaches if we only took the time to consider them.

2) Friends – when we have problems, we often turn to our friends. However, many people do not really treat their friends as free life coaches. Many people treat their friends as shock absorbers. They need their friends to help them carry their emotional burdens but they won't take a friend's advice to help them get rid of that emotional burden. Sure, we listen to our friends when they dispense their wisdom, but in our minds we all mutter, "What do they know?"

If we take the time to truly listen and not just hear, our friends can become our free life coaches.

3) Self – Some people who hire life coaches actually only need them to confirm their own thoughts. Some people have pretty good ideas on how to run their lives. However, these people also need encouragement to follow up on their decisions. This generally happens when a person is suffering from low self-esteem. However, you should realize that you are your own free life coach. You make the decisions that count. Whatever a commercial life coach advices you to do, you are still the one who acts. Becoming your own free life coach takes self-confidence. You need to trust your decisions enough to enact them.

As you have seen, there are a lot of hidden free life coaches for you. Just by looking around and within, you can find a lot of free life training coaches that can help you face your reality.

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