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´╗┐The Reason Behind The Failures of Leadership Development Labors

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer

Let's face it, people may really have nothing bad to say to you as their leader. You are always up and about to attend to things concerning your organization. You are an active leader when it comes to organizing events which your group is tasked to spearhead. You also rule your subordinates with equal and just treatment. You welcome opportunities that will further give you a bigger room for growth and improvement. You likewise open your mind and widen your horizon to workshops that will sharpen your leadership skills. In short, you possess all the potentials that will make up a true-blooded leader.

Here comes another opportunity for you-a leadership development workshop! Of course you are that ecstatic again because this is another chance that will all the more give you additional insights on how to become a good and trustworthy leader. So there you go with high expectations and in turn, you find the entire duration of your stay in the workshop indeed fruitful. The facilitator, the organizers, the subjects tackled, and even the food-all of them are great. You even think the things went about perfectly! Now you are certain that you are equipped with the complete strokes which are needed in becoming the best leader possible of you.

So what happens after the leadership development workshop?

You are back to work and back with your team. The moment you awoke your plan of action is already complete. So here you are in the office while your subordinates give you tons of papers to sign, there are lots of emails that you need to answer and several phone calls to return. Stressful, isn't it? This is understandable since you've been away for a while. The next moment, you find yourself already at home and guess what? You've forgotten all about your action plan for the day! Whew! But you've got no other choice but to have it rescheduled the next day.

What does the situation tell you?

Leadership development workshops are in fact designed for the benefit of the potential leaders. These events are training grounds for leaders. But as you see, the training is not an assurance that the person will learn. If the persona is unwilling then no learning will take place. Learning is a process. One may be very attentive and very willing to listen to the speakers in the leadership development trainings but when there is no plan of the execution of the actions, then, everything will be entirely useless. The process of learning ends up in the application of what one has learned.

Why are the leadership development labors failing?

Skills are inherent. Trainings are only guides. Leadership skills are not enhanced or enriched overnight. Things such as these are not baked in a drastic instant or in one shot. The leaders who attend leadership development programs are simply fed with the necessary insights on how they can better work out on their leadership skills. But if they do not employ application and practice, nothing will happen.

So do not simply attend these leadership development trainings and workshops if you will not concert your efforts for the practical application of what you've learned. If you are in the same situation, you better correct it now. Do not let your leadership development efforts fail in just a puff.

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