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The RDLN Home Page
The Rural Development Leadership Network (RDLN), a national multicultural social change organization founded in 1983, supports community-based development ...
www.ruraldevelopment.org/ - 10k -

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Rural Youth in Leadership ...
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youth in rural leadership development activities and some selected personal and socio-economic. characteristics. Characteristics. Pearson. Coefficient of ...
www.krepublishers.com/.../JSS-09-2-131-136-2004-Torimro-D-O/JSS-09-2-131-136-2004-Torimro-D-O.pdf -

Texas Rural Leadership Program, Inc.
The purpose of the Texas Rural Leadership Program, Inc. is to create and deliver an exciting, effective leadership development program for rural Texas. ...
www.trlp.org/ - 16k -

Campus News: Rural leadership development program names top intern ...
Rural leadership development program names top intern, sends out recruiting call for new applicants. Twelve certificate students have graduated from a ...
www.uoguelph.ca/mediarel/archives/001128.html - 9k -

Leadership Development - Rural Leadership Programs - Manitoba ...
Leadership Development - Rural Leadership Programs.
www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/homeec/cba05s00.html - 22k -

_Inventing Solutions.indd
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Challenges unique to rural leadership development include: ... ON RURAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Center for the Study of Rural America:. www.kc.frb.org ...
www.pew-partnership.org/pdf/01_rural_leadership.pdf -

Rural Youth and Leadership Development Grants. Examples of grant-funded programs:. Ag in the Classroom Agriculture in the Classroom is a grassroots program ...
www.chsfoundation.org/grants/ryldg.htm - 11k -

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