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´╗┐Leadership Development Towards The Executive Level

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

You can only notice what you have achieved in the executive leadership development stage when you feel that you can effortlessly motivate and inspire others to reach out to a common purpose.

This is one of the finest stages you can encounter in leadership. However, if you feel that you are not anywhere near this capability, then you need to know how it is done.

Executive leadership development can be achieved in three effective steps.

1. An effective goal.

It is true. Getting to a specific goal cannot be done easily. There are obstacles and other rough roads to undertake before you can reach what you want. But with the proper leadership skills, you can do this and still retain the trust and confidence of those in the group or organization.

How can this be done? Through an effective goal. An effective goal is what you and what everybody wants to attain. When the group has a clear and solid goal, the going there part will not be as hard and rough.

Always think why. Why do you need to reach this goal? When you have a definite answer to this question, you can tell your subordinates about them. Ask for their own answers. Knowing what they think will broaden your knowledge and will help you understand thing from others point of view.

Think of how you can get there. Show them the ropes. You may not be the best leader but you have the skills that they do not have. From there, you and the group can develop that so it will become as effective as any other.

2. Effective "people person" skills.

The perfect boss. Everybody have their own idea regarding what they consider the perfect boss or leader. No matter how varied their answers may be, one thing stand out from the rest. That is the fact that their perception of the best leader is one that has unique people interacting skills.

When you have a good relationship with your subordinates, you can easily ask them to do your bidding. Not only that, these persons will feel they can share with you their thoughts and ideas without hesitation.

This kind of interaction is very important especially if you are handling a big group. Since you cannot make yourself available to them 24 hours a day, it is important that they are the one who will approach you with the slightest concern.

Not only will it give you an idea how to create an effective program, it will also be your way of keeping in touch with what is going on with or without you.

3. Effective attitude in leadership.

As a leader, it is your role to set an example. Notice that employees tend to work the way they see their leader work. When they see that you are giving 100 percent of all your effort and time, then there is a high possibility that they will do the same.

You are their example. Someone that they look up to. You may even be someone that they want to be like someday.

Make sure that you are setting a good example for others to follow. Do what you have to do. Maximize your full potential and aim to succeed. When you have done these things; that will be the time that you can say to yourself that you have done well in the field of executive leadership.

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