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Profession Jokes - Linguists
Jokes about Linguists and language (part of the Profession Jokes site) ... says the French linguist, "papillon! This word expresses the fragility of the ... - 21k -

Review - The Acrobats by Mordecai Richler & Happiness by Will Ferguson
There isn't a decent joke in the whole book. Oh, Mordecai. Lighten up! ... of these offerings are no more than mildly funny, and were never meant to be. ... - 21k -

From the American and French Revolutions forward, engineers of happiness came into firm control ... toward the end of the century, something of a dark joke. ... - 52k -

Chasing The American Dream: FRENCH TOAST
Communal tables. Sharing bread and cheese and stories and jokes with whoever happens to sit near you. A little French goes a long way. ... - 36k -

Humor - Humor
As a part of my French teacher's job was to explain French poetry, ... Below are a few favourite Irish jokes meant to be taken in the spi... ... - 153k -

Islamica Magazine - Carnival of Caricatures - The Deadly Politics ...
What passes for humor today, whether from sitcoms or stand-up comedians, is a chain of trite, oft-repeated jokes that are meant to “crack us up. ... - 30k -

NPR : 'The Architecture of Happiness'
And it meant that they were very against words like pretty and beautiful and sweet. ... Theme parks are like jokes. And it's nice to hear a joke, ... -

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