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Magpie, a Symbol of Happiness
Magpie is a symbol of happiness in Chinese culture. The singing of a magpie foretells happiness and good luck. That's why it is called 'Happy Magpie' by ... - 23k -

Dream-Land's Dream Dictionary - Find Dream Symbol Interpretation
Having a pleasant time with a loved one foretells happiness in your marital life. Enjoying picnic alone means that you will be successful in your chosen ... - 19k -

The Sunday Tribune - Spectrum - Dream theme
As per western thought, to find a nest of eggs foretells happiness in married life, children and lots of wealth. Should a woman see such a dream, ... - 14k -

Dream-Land's Dream Dictionary - Find Dream Symbol Interpretation
Seeing a light in the distance foretells happiness and good times in the future. 23, Lightening, A lightning symbolizes a sudden discharge of inner tension. ... - 24k -

Dreams: the seasons
Will experience many ups and downs. Winter. In this case is a cycle of disintegration and rest. It foretells happiness and financial gains. ... - 8k -

tanya sharma’s Blogs Page, Rediff iLand
Sex : It foretells happiness,abundance and financial gains. Snake : Appearace of snake in peaceful state denotesgrowth of wisdom.But other stateas of snake ... - 26k -

Dream-Symbols & Meanings
But a river with calm glassy surface foretells happiness and love. Ship: If you have a ship of your own sailing on the sea, it indicates advancement in ... - 24k -

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