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Escape From Happiness
April 22, 2002 Escape From Happiness, by celebrated Canadian playwright George F. Walker, brings its decidedly unorthodox family values to the main stage at ... - 8k - Blog Archive Second-hand happiness
There has been much discussion of happiness in the context of politics recently. ... any delusion, any mindless escape from reality, but not free to succeed ... - 34k -

KDHX Theatre Review - Escape from Happiness
Escape From Happiness is a crude comedy, often violent, which turns out to ... Meanwhile, I heartily recommend this production of Escape From Happiness, ... - 5k -

Review - The Acrobats by Mordecai Richler & Happiness by Will Ferguson
Will Ferguson's Happiness (the novel formerly known as Generica) tries to do just that. ... On the other hand, one can't escape the thought that there was ... - 21k -

Escape from Happiness
Escape from Happiness took me completely by surprise. I must confess that I haven't often liked the black comedies at the Wilma directed by Jiri Zizka (the ... - 6k -

Outpost Gallifrey: Episode Guide
Ace is re-arrested, but is allowed to escape by Susan Q (Lesley Dunlop), a disaffected Happiness Patrol member. The Doctor meanwhile narrowly avoids being ... - 36k -

Performing Arts Department to present Escape from Happiness Nov. 11-20
*Escape from Happiness*Drugs and alcohol, anger and insanity, police corruption and (semi-) organized crime. Welcome to Escape from Happiness, ... - 38k -

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