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The Meaning of Happiness : Happiness Is. Unexpected Answers to ...
Defining the Goal of the Quest: The Meaning of Happiness ... who as our perceptive fan cogently stated in the opening epigraph of our chapter, will never be ...
www.enotalone.com/article/4239.html - 13k -

38 Sample Tag Set Documentation
epigraph> <div type=chapter n=1><head>The Nature of Authority</head> <p>With ... having for their object the greatest happiness of the greatest number. ...
www.tei-c.org/Vault/GL/P3/XT.htm - 14k -

The Sonnets Epigraph
The first major breakthrough into decoding the meaning behind this text was suggested by Dr. John Rollett. He observed that the epigraph had been written in ...
www.dlroper.shakespearians.com/the_sonnets_epigraph.htm - 35k -

Borges Center - The "Fecal Dialectic": Homosexual Panic and the ...
That Whitman's expression of happiness in this poem was both intensely personal and ... The clearest of these is the equivocal epigraph to La intrusa [The ...
www.uiowa.edu/borges/bsol/bgay.shtml - 61k -

Amazon.com: Happiness Is.: Unexpected Answers to Practical ...
... them to our lives to help us find happiness, meaning and a successful life. ... opening epigraph, five wings, enduring sense, quest for happiness ...
www.amazon.com/Happiness-Unexpected-Practical-Questions-Curious/dp/0757300669 - 129k -

Theology Today - Vol 44, No.4 - January 1988 - ARTICLE - Words and ...
3 This is the epigraph with which "Burnt Norton," and now the Quartets, begin. ... In a different form, beyond any meaning We can assign to happiness. ...
theologytoday.ptsem.edu/jan1988/v44-4-article4.htm - 60k -

simon reynolds' blog Blissblog
Klaxon, a French verb meaning to “toot” certainly alludes to the raving mania ... The missing epigraph for K-punk's superb reading of the new Scritti album ...
blissout.blogspot.com/2006_07_01_blissout_archive.html - 51k -

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