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The Game Of Farmers - The Harvest Moon A Poem of Happiness

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

Farming has become sophisticated nowadays, so sophisticated that it already appears in video games.

Who would have thought about the feasibility of setting up a video game that would see through the growth of a farm boy or girl and his or her farmland? It may have seemed a queer idea initially yet it worked. An original creation from the developer and publisher Marvelous Interactive, Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness is a game that takes you to a whole new perspective of farming.

Primarily a farming simulation, Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness is also an adventure game that lets you choose your own methods of farm growth.

The first juncture of the game allows you to choose your gender- that is a boy or a girl. This very character will start a life in a village and will set up his own farming community with the main goal of becoming an adult farm manager. As you begin the tending of your farm, you will also be able to observe your own character turn into adulthood.

Like with the actual farming community setting, your character will also get to experience living with daily catching of fish, planting and harvesting of plants and crops, tending of farm animals, building up your own farm and a lot more other activities associated with agriculture.

Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness also features horses, cows, sheep and other animals that you really must be watchful and careful of. You need to set up grazing areas and ensure security in them. Lack of it would endanger your animals to loss or of being attacked by the wild dogs wandering within your farming area. This game also features your flexibility to plant even outside your farming area.

Complete with social interaction, your character will earn points or hearts depending on how much heart town folks can give you. This will be achieved through interaction. Depending on your choice of character, you will also have to choose your love interest.

Harvest Moon:- Poem of Happiness is further made interesting by putting up a lifetime rival which you will create the tension and competition in the farm area. This rival will remain the same for both choice of character. And because he has to prove that he is better than your character, he will try to out play you with your farm growth and management, living and even in dating with the same girl.

On the onset, this game may not be appealing, but when adventure begins, you are sure to hold your grip and cease not in making both your farmland and character advance to higher levels.

To obtain more hearts and to make your growth faster, we have prepared some cheats here for you…enjoy!

To obtain three hearts, try to bring Martha wool and make her your friend.

To obtain a Free Copper Fishing Rod, walk at the Lake. You will then see a scene with Ray who will give you a Professional Fisherman's 125 which is nothing short of the Copper Fishing Rod. To increase the odds of you getting the best product from your sheep or cow, try saving the game before shearing the sheep or milking the cow. In case you did not get the random high heart level, you can always reload your game and take your chance.

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