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´╗┐Swell With Happiness Without The Delusions!

from: Motivated Lifestyle - staff Writer

Do you still remember the last time you swell with happiness? Did it happen so long ago that you cannot even remember? Or worst, was there ever such a time in your life?

It is an understatement to say that there are a lot of unhappy people all over the world. The truth is that majority of people are very unhappy. If you try and list down the reasons for this unhappiness, you might realize that papers in the world combined are not enough to accommodate all of them.

One of the top reasons why people do not swell with happiness is that they fall victim to some of delusions they have about happiness. In thinking that these are the things that can lead to ultimate happiness, they waste their time and energy trying to achieve them. It is in the end that they realize that they have been led to believe and ended up with nothing.

What are some of the delusions that people associate with happiness?

1. To be happy is to be with someone.

Some people find happiness with a special person or friend. And it follows that without those people, you are left feeling miserable and unhappy.

You should know that happiness is within you. You do not need to depend on others to achieve personal happiness. What if those persons suddenly die? Does that mean that you are letting all thoughts of happiness die with them?

Any day, any time and with any one is a great opportunity to swell with happiness. The reason for this is that you feel content with what you have. And that you are capable of creating your own happiness without the presence of another.

2. To be lucky is to be happy.

It is a fact that there are many fortunate people around. You may also be one of those. But luck can run out any minute and when you least expect it. If you were dependent on these streaks of luck already, you will probably feel depressed and inconsolable.

Luck expires but happiness does not. You have what it takes to be happy any time you want to. All you need is to program yourself that no matter what fate will give, you will still feel fortunate that is was given you.

Do not expect good fortune to always smile on you. There will always be bumps along the road. Make sure that you maintain a positive attitude during these times.

3. Money is equal to happiness.

This is probably the greatest delusion that people have about happiness. And this is the main reason why some people are forever working themselves stiff. They want money. And they want it because they want to be happy.

If you were put in the shoes of rich people, you will realize the mistake in this concept. Notice that the more you have money, the more problems you will have. This is because you are becoming too dependent on it.

Like all other kinds of things, money is consumed. Once you have spent all of your money, expect people and things to be different. You will not be able to enjoy the pleasure that money can give. It will eventually lead to depression and finally, to unhapiness.

Happiness is within you. You do not need outside factors to bring out that feeling. You can will your happiness and make it swell for everyone to see.

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