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´╗┐The Japanese Symbol Of Happiness. When You Are Happy And You Know It!

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff writer

The old tradition of having symbols represent each aspect of life is not anymore uncommon. Over the years, people have adapted Chinese or Japanese symbols of happiness and have associated them with their lifestyle.

It is very common to see houses with trinkets everywhere. They do not mean anything to you unless you know on what these things are really for. You might even dismiss them as simple decorations.

Symbols are a part of life. For every civilization or culture, there are always some things that they treat as important and valuable symbols. Symbols are a way of life in itself. It can comprise a whole book or a whole generation and still come out well known and sought for.

For the Japanese people, symbols of happiness can vary depending on the way of life that each individual wants to achieve. For example, fans in Japan do not only serve to cool off the heat of the day.

Fans are considered a symbol of happiness. This can be seen from the way these fans look like. When it is fully opened, it exposes a wide space. Wide spaces are associated with unending happiness.

It is no wonder why a lot of Japanese bride tend to carry with them fans during the wedding ceremony. It is a sign that they themselves want to achieve happiness in the stage that they are entering. If fans were given as token from another person, then it serves as a wish for the bride to find true happiness in the arms of the man that she will spend her life with.

According to studies, the symbolism behind each item is not necessarily what drives positive forces in and negative forces out. Experts say that it is the thinking and belief that comes with them that gives off fortunate vibrations to a person or inside the home.

Think of it this way. When you are in the best of your spirit and are thinking positively, you will notice that good things are happening to you. In contrast, when you feel negative feelings, the worse can turn to worst in an instant.

It is during those miserable times that those symbols work best. Looking at the symbols will instantly make you feel a lot better. Believe it or not, these symbols are meant to send out positive vibrations to lift the spirits of those who are hopeless.

In the modern world of today, people can do more of these symbolisms in homes and offices. Imagine you having a bad day. Then you saw the image of the laughing Buddha on top of your table. The joyous face and his protruding belly is enough to put a smile on your face. From there, the rest of the day would not seem bad at all.

Another example is the lotus. Try to have these blossoms or real-life picture of them around to look at when you want a change in your usual scenario. They symbolize peace and happiness. These are the feelings that will be evoked in you just by looking at them during one of your idle times.

The positive outlook and anticipation is what makes Japanese symbols of happiness tick all over the world. It is not only about its origins or the cultural connotation that entices people, it is more on the feelings and good vibrations that each of them can bring.

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