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Laughter - The Cure For All Ailments

from: Timilehin Oyedayo Oparinde - Guest Author

"I've had problem with a lot of people just because of it. I once got slapped just because of it."- Oparinde Timilehin

There was a day a friend annoyed me with a statement. He said, "Something's up. I would have told Timmy but he'd be sarcastic about it." I didn't say anything but I was mad at him. A few minutes after then though, I was laughing hard with other friends. I don't know when to stop laughing. Your greatest trouble would bring at least a smile to my face. This isn't because I'm immature or because I am insensitive, it is because I know the effects laughter has. No matter how big the problem is, laugh away your sorrow. There is time for everything, definitely, but that doesn't mean laughter should be outta the schedule.

Not everything one experiences makes one happy but the key is finding a reason to laugh in every situation. When people don't see my words as significant because I joke a lot, I just laugh hard. Be unreasonable about laughter. A friend's dad died, tears dropped from my eyes but then I said, "Now we'll be able to play game anytime we want." he looked at me and he smiled. I put on a smile too, not because I didn't understand his loss, it's because I knew there's something greater than loss. Those who understand my nature still tell me their 'big' problems, I laugh so hard about it that they get to laugh too, then we proffer a solution.

I have so much learnt to master pain that the only time I shed tears is when I am happy (or overwhelmed). Every bad event has its positive side, no matter how crazy or little it might seem. Laugh about the unreasonable aspect and everything becomes simple. The best way to faze anger, envy, frustration, and all other negative feelings is to laugh. If laughter would make people refer to you as "mad", then so be it. You don't need a reason to laugh. Wear a smile anytime you are permitted, and the good thing is that a smile fits in, any time, any day. Your laughter has positive effects on those around you. I was slapped by a senior colleague in 2012 just because I laughed so hard it hurt him; I didn't frown when he did. Some minutes after them, we laughed together and had fun.

I have opted out of several groups, I have deleted a million contacts off my phone, and I have dropped a thousand and one 'friends'. The philosophy is simple, "drop whatever doesn't make you happy!" I used to go to a place at a time in 2013, I was addicted to it. I haven't been there since 2013, I have stopped deriving joy from the place. Any activity that I engage in that doesn't bring a smile to my face isn't worth it.

It is better to see the smiling me than to see me otherwise. In 2011, I used to frown so hard it hurt, but today I don't know how to frown. When I try to frown, I end up making a funny face. The pain, the hurt, the bad memories, the sad events, the bad luck, the guilt, the confusion are all kept inside and the only way to keep them locked up without becoming a sadist, is by laughing. A smiling face doesn't mean all is well, it you know all will be well. Most times, those who laugh the most, have the greatest hurt kept inside.

If you feel like laughing, contact me. Email: Phone: +2348162208261

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