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Knowing The Art Of Happiness

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

There are certainly a lot of things that you want to achieve in your life. It can be fame, power, money, a sensual partner, stable career, a good health condition, and many others. After all, who on earth does not want to be happy? You have your personal desires and wishes. You simply want to be happy! But what does it take for you to be happy? What do you need to get that happiness? Are you willing to gamble with life just so you can be happy?

The art of happiness is not as easy to be achieved as capturing the beautiful scenery down the road with your digital camera. There is more to it. The artist can typically find a model statue to be carved out of wood. A musician often makes his happiness an inspiration for his craft. But then again, happiness is not a possession that can be acquired with a wink of an eye. How can you say that you are happy? Because you won the bet with your friends? Because you've got a new car? Because you've been elected as the leader of your beloved organization? These things are merely pleasures. They are not factors for genuine happiness.

The art of happiness is a skill which needs to be mastered. Happiness is not rooted from the material things that you get such as getting promoted, getting a salary raise, or going on a vacation. Happiness is experienced because of the way you live your life. Putting this on a much decipherable state goes like you do not learn to become a fine tennis player by merely buying your own tennis racket. But, learning the ropes of playing tennis molds you to become an excellent player. It also holds true to the fact that your material acquisitions does not necessarily give you the happiness you are looking for but it is by living your life to its fullest extent that gives you genuine happiness. The art of happiness tells you that it is all about living your life in the present state and being satiated to the highest level with that moment.

Try to assess your life. Where are you now? What have you done so far? Have you made explorations to the things which always piqued your curiosity? Have you gained answers to your questions? Have you made other people happy? Finally, do you think you are already in that state of happiness?

The art of happiness tackles deeper meanings. It is a matter of growing through the experiences you gain from life. It is all about working your way up for material and immaterial successes, and expanding your awareness—these are the elements that provide meaning to your life and thus make your living an exciting one. If you still feel that there is something missing in your life or there is still an empty space which you are yet unable to fill in, then your happiness is deemed to be still incomplete. One more thing to remember is to leave your fateful past behind so that you can live without its claws and shadows. Learn to live life with the now.

The art of happiness is a skill that must be applied. Do not aim for the impossible. Just be yourself. Love yourself. And recognize the sparks of happiness instead of shunning it away.

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