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´╗┐Why Does The Pursuit Of Happiness Tend To Be Difficult!


How can you be happy? What are the steps and procedures to make your pursuit of happiness a guaranteed one?

The society of today has developed several standards and norms which have led the people to believe that they need to fit into these things in order to find and enjoy happiness itself. More often than not, a lot of individuals misconstrue the real deal between the pursuit of happiness and the guarantee of becoming happy in life. Happiness cannot be assured. More so, your pursuit of happiness is not really ensured to have a positive result. Just how many people in the total population of United States claim that they find their pursuit of happiness to no avail?

The existing trend in today's culture has inculcated in every person that being unhappy means that there is someone or something who needs to be blamed by you. This belief had then misled several individuals and therefore just worsened their misery and unhappiness. As the case goes, failed marriages are often blamed to the parents of either of the couple because they had chosen the partner for them. Also, unhappy professionals credit their misery to the rest of their family members who had just forced them to take that certain line of profession. But who is really to blame? You must have a full control of your life. Do not say that you've been left without a choice because if you really wanted your pursuit of happiness to be successful, then you could have done your part.

The success of the pursuit of happiness is unplanned. You cannot cut out a flawless plan to attain happiness. As usual, those who always stay within the plan tend to fail at all times. But of course there is nobody in this entire universe who wants to end up in misery and unhappiness. Misplacing yourself comes as part of your destiny. It may be because you have planned out goals which are difficult to reach or that you have limited yourself with the most possible opportunities you could have grabbed.

No man is an island. You cannot survive without the presence of other people. You cannot be successful and be happy without the aid and contribution of other individuals. As you get too busy with your pursuit of happiness, you usually forget your present, you tend to forget the things and the persons you have in your life, and you also forget to look back where you've started, your current position in life, and your achievements as well. You crave for some more. You learn not to be contented. It is because you are too consumed with your pursuit of happiness but in truth you are ruining your own happiness!

This is the very basic reason as to why people say that they haven't made their successful way in their pursuit of happiness. The rationale here is that you don't exactly know how to recognize the things and persons that will let you feel happiness.

So what must be done in order to find success in your pursuit of happiness? Smile and laugh. Be positive. Welcome new experiences. Influence others for the better. Value what you have. Be contented. Stop finding perfection because this will only make your life dull and motionless. In short, love yourself and be yourself.

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