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A Look At The Types Of Personal Goal Setting

from: Jennifer C Morton - Guest Writer

Personal goal setting is one of those activities that people take for granted. Some people live their lives without any objective. They run around the field, going in every direction, until they somehow hit the big bull's eye of life. However, people need to be reminded that the chances of this happening are quite slim. When you do hit a target you do not know about, the chances are, you won't even see it. You will just go on, day after day, seeking something you know nothing about.

Personal goal setting will help you get direction. It will help you gain a perspective on how to lead your life. Personal goal setting will give order to chaos. Because of personal goal setting, you will be able to understand your inner workings.

Here are some types of personal goal setting that people use to govern their lives:

1) Fulfillment - while people can claim that this is the ultimate quest of man, the ones who focus their personal goal setting on this path can be categorized separately. People do a lot of things to attain self-fulfillment. Many people go on pilgrimages. A person's pilgrimage can be religious in nature, or it cannot. What matters is not the type of pilgrimage, but its meaning to a person.

Some people think that self-fulfillment can be achieved through a skill. Some of those who study Japanese martial arts seek fulfillment through the way of the warrior. Fulfillment is not a state of physical being or material wealth. It is a state of mind which makes this type of personal goal setting noble and very hard.

2) Financial - some people set personal goals based on monetary wealth. People who go with this type of personal goal setting often do everything they can to reach their target amount at their targeted age. These people often learn all they can about business and work very hard to make their dreams come true.

By setting a personal financial goal, you will be able to use something tangible to judge your progress. This way, you can remain motivated and continue working hard.

3) Public service - people want to change the world. Although all people would like to have this opportunity, few people actually work towards it. People who aim to change the world are often very specific about how they want to change it. Sadly, this type of goal setting is often left behind with childhood. Today, only a few people truly want to change the world for the better. Doctors start out wanting to save lives, but end up saving cash for a Ferrari.

4) Achievement - some people are driven by certain achievements. This type of personal goal setting often involves a person improving his or her skills in order to achieve his or her goals. One example of this type of personal goal setting is a list of "things to do". People make these lists all the time, but only a few are truly serious about attaining them. For these people the rewards of an achievement are secondary to the achievement itself.

Whichever type of personal goal setting you choose, you have to remember that setting a goal is the first step to achieving a goal. Knowing where you are going is always the first step towards getting there.

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