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Cognitive self-efficacy in relation to personal mastery and goal ...
Cognitive self-efficacy in relation to personal mastery and goal setting across the ... studies of cognitive selfefficacy from childhood through old age. ... -

Social Behavior and Personality: regulation of self-efficacy and ...
The result is : selfefficacy and attributional feedback have the main effects of ... The recent research on the theory of goal setting suggested that ... - 30k - Supplemental Result -

Motivating students to learn better through own goal-setting ...
Schunk (1984) states that goal setting for the learner involves the ... who feel that they have the selfefficacy (competence or power) to attain a goal show ... - 30k -

Social Behavior and Personality: Sex differences in self-rated ...
Full text of the article 'Sex differences in self-rated ability' is provided free of charge by LookSmart Relationships. - 34k - Supplemental Result -

I can do it: Resident assistants' sense of self-efficacy Journal ...
A major premise underlying SCT is that selfefficacy is reciprocally related to an individual's attributions, motivation, goal-setting, behavior, ... - 31k -

Canadian Psychology: reciprocal effects of science on practice ...
No main effect was obtained for goal setting as the two conditions were yoked . ... however , was completely mediated by selfefficacy and task strategy . ... - 22k - Supplemental Result -

The Value of Feedback and Goal Setting Over Goal Setting Alone and ...
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As with goal setting alone, the combination of goal setting and ... Goals and progress fdback: Effects on selfefficacy and. writing achievement. ... -

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