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The Importance Of Family Literacy Goal Setting

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

According to statistics, only 46 percent of parents in America today take the time to read to their children. This means that less than half of the children in America today are exposed to literature. This, of course, affects family literacy. Family literacy goal setting is a way to boost the literacy of people all over the country.

What is family literacy goal setting? In a nutshell, it is an activity wherein a family sets a certain goal in order to improve their reading and writing abilities. What are the methods used in family literacy goal setting?

1) Book reading – some families engage in book reading activities as part of the family literacy goal setting. These families work their way up from simple books to complicated novels. They set book goals to help them keep track of their progress. This can be done as a family or as an individual activity. This method of family literacy goal setting can be fun and effective.

2) Word games – one popular method in family literacy goal setting is through the use of word games. Games like scrabble and boggle helps families nurture literacy and have fun at the same time. Word games can be used in family literacy goal setting by making use of the scores as measurements of a person's progress.

What is the importance of family literacy goal setting?

a) Family literacy goal setting allows you to see clearly your target. The first step towards hitting a goal is looking at the goal. Family literacy goal setting allows people to understand their goal. This will help them realize whether their goals are challenging enough and whether their goals are truly attainable.

b) Family literacy goal setting shows you the first step to take towards a goal. When you set a literacy goal, you are immediately given an idea of how to attain that goal. This is because family literacy goal setting involves understanding just how attainable a goal is. In doing so, you automatically search for any steps to take in order to get that goal.

c) Family literacy goal setting gives a family a chance to bond. The main reason why only a few parents today make the effort to read to their children is the fact that they feel that it just takes too much time. The world today moves very fast. People are always in a rush to do different things. Machines take the place of human beings in taking care of their children. Family literacy goal setting gives parents a chance to reconnect with their kids. Because of family literacy goal setting, families can go back to the basics and start spending time together.

d) Family literacy goal setting develops commitment. A part of goal setting is commitment. When people commit themselves to a goal, they are willing to do everything in their power to achieve that goal. This develops a person's character. Commitment takes a lot of strength of spirit. By setting goals, people can develop the strength of will required to overcome any obstacle.

e) Family literacy goal setting develops abilities. The main purpose of family literacy goal setting is to nurture the ability to read and write. By developing this ability, people open their selves up for a whole new world of opportunity. Thus, they find the means to develop their full potentials.

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