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´╗┐Goal Setting Activities for Your Group

from: Jennifer C Morton - Guest Writer

With each plan lies a great deal of thinking to achieve a particular goal. And engaging in goal setting activities motivates one to strive towards achievement. This means that there is a type of reward at the end of engaging in such activities. The desire to achieve results in goal setting activities must be present as well as the values and the belief.

In personal life and business, goal-setting activities show the difference between mediocrity and excellence and accomplishment. The questions then are: "How do you set and accomplish goals?" "Is there some goal setting formula or strategy that can be employed?" Well, there is always the possibility in achieving what seems impossible. Any activity you find yourself dealing with must always have a purpose and essence of doing. It is important to note that anything worth doing must be important enough to have a goal which is achievable.

The next thing is defining what your goals are.

Are they long-term or short-term? Long-term goals are the ones that you set which is achievable within a longer period of time while short-term goals are achievable within few weeks or even just days. Effective goal setting activity makes you more organized and helps you achieve your purpose out of life. By setting a goal, be it long term or short term, you become more productive and have a stress free life.

To create goal setting activities, concentrate on doing the following:

1. Select an area to concentrate on.

Since this is a long term goal, goal activities which are long term always include something about working on the fundamental aspects of one's life. So by selecting an area to concentrate on, say relationship, you have a defined purpose.

2. Daydream

This involves you to dream about what you want to achieve. Relax, sit back list down on a piece of paper all the things you wish to achieve in the specific area which you are focused on. Dream about what you have always seen yourself doing when you achieve such, and as you do so, write it down without erasing. This way, you have a step-by-step focus on reaching such goals.

3. Prioritize

After dreaming and writing them down on a piece of paper, prioritize your objectives because day dreaming about certain activities may just be just a dream and not a realistic one. By prioritizing the activities, you are more realistic about achieving them because some possibilities takes a lot of time and energy which is usually not enough to achieve even just one out of your dreams.

4. Be Specific.
Ask your self why are you setting this goal? This is an important step because the specific detail of a goal setting activity is a part of what gives it power. Goal setting activities which are vague and abstract have less power to shape and direct one's behavior.

5. Action

After arranging your specific priorities, your behavior enables you to act on pursuing the listed goals. This where desire, belief and motivation comes into play. As long as you believe that your goal setting activities are reachable, then there is no other choice than working to achieve them.

As you work on achieving your goals, always remember not to be discouraged if you were not able to attain them within the time frame you had defined. Don't give up on a dream if you make a mistake along the way, it was only a mistake, that does not signify failure. So start working on your goal setting activities and make them achievable.

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