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Observations Of Student Behavior Towards Goal Setting

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Students today face a lot of pressures. These pressures may come from their peers. Some may come from parents. However, when one thinks about it, most of the pressures that students experience today come from themselves. For some students, these internal pressures can be very beneficial. For others, it can be detrimental to their progress. How a student handles pressure can be observed in that student's behavior towards goal setting.

Student behavior towards goal setting cannot be generalized. This is because each student has his or her own personality. This is the same reason why students have different grades. Student behavior towards goal setting can be classified according to the types of students being considered for observation. However, people should remember that students don't just fit into any classification. Most students today abhor stereotyping and try very hard not to be categorized.

1) The Achiever – This student's behavior towards goal setting can be quite extreme. This is because of the fact that he or she does not consider failure as an ordinary part of human existence. This student sets goals that might seem quite impossible for others. Most of the time, he or she achieves the goals that he or she has set. Sometimes, this student can come pretty close. However, for this type of student, "close" will never be enough.

This student behavior towards goal setting has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it will help students perform better. However, when a student fails, the failure can be a hard one. This would develop low self esteem in a student.

2) The Slacker – Some students tend to look at life as one long vacation. These students' behavior towards goal setting can be vague, making some people think that they don't really set any goals at all. Every person sets goals, however. Even slackers have some goal in mind when they engage in their everyday activities.

One characteristic of this type of student behavior towards goal setting is that it is focused more on the sort term instead of the long term goals. This means that a student lives his or her life day by day. Some students find this behavior more productive, since it allows them to concentrate on their immediate needs and take joy in their immediate achievements.

Another characteristic of this type of student behavior towards goal setting is that it is not really focused on academics. Some people may not understand the goals that these students set. However, one should not be too hasty to judge, as some so-called "slackers" have turned out to be the most successful people in the world.

3) The Average – we have discussed the two "extremes" of student behavior towards goal setting. Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Those who consider themselves as "average" compose the majority of students today.

This type of student behavior towards goal setting can be characterized by being focused on graduation and not achievement. These students treat school as something to be tolerated. They set goals that would allow them to pass subjects, but not to excel. This type of student behavior towards goal setting neither ends up in immense success, nor does it end in defeat. However, many people will ask you this question: where's the fun in that?

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