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Different Goal Setting Forms

from: Marie K Gordon - Guest Writer

Setting goals is very important in life. When people set goals, they map out their next actions. Goal setting helps a person see what he or she wants and helps him or her get an idea how to get it. Since people are all unique, it follows that they must all have different goal setting forms. The goal setting form that a person uses often determines his or her ability to cope with the different challenges that life presents.

Here are some common goal setting forms that people make use of today:

1) Material –this goal setting form makes use of material things to measure one's progress. People who make use of this goal setting form ask themselves about the material things they want. With a certain material goal ion mind, these people are then motivated and take steps to achieve their goal.

An advantage to this goal setting form is the fact that through this, a person will be motivated to enjoy financial success. However, we all know how we can never be truly satisfied with material objects and thus, this goal setting form cannot really satisfy our requirements for a truly happy life.

2) Achievement – this goal setting form makes use of different achievements as measurements of success. A person specifies certain activities that he or she wants to accomplish within a certain period of time. This person then concentrates his or her efforts towards that achievement.

This goal setting form is advantageous because of the fact that it enables a person to improve his or her abilities in order to achieve their goal. Because the achievement of the goal is the main priority of the person, the feeling of success that comes with the achievement lasts a long time. Thus, a person can be more fulfilled.

3) Socialization – some people set goals based on what other people may think. This goal setting form focuses on the approval of other people. This goal setting form presents a lot of problems, since people change their minds all the time. A person who bases his or her goals on other people's reactions can be discouraged from the goal simply because another person does not like it.

People who set goals for the benefit of others find that they do not really feel any joy at the prospect of succeeding at a given task. This goal setting form is also based on other people, making it very fragile in its ability to motivate a person.

4) Knowledge – some people set goals that will help them gain more knowledge. This goal setting form encourages people to experience things for the sake of understanding about life. People who seek knowledge often end up making great discoveries. This goal setting form can be very effective in getting a person to make an effort. However, the efforts of the person making use of this goal setting form can be somewhat limited. This is because that person will refuse to do anything that does not involve him or her gaining any knowledge.

As you have seen, different goal setting forms are made use of by different people. This is because of the fact that people need to set different goals in order to succeed in life. What is important to one person is not necessarily important to another.

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