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´╗┐Six Key Steps To Achieving Your Goals

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

People have their basic ideas of how they see themselves maybe 2 or 10 years from now. These might be quick promotion, 6-digit salary or several established business in their names. The thing is, everybody wants to achieve something in their life. And so, the next thing they should do is to set goals in order to achieve them.

But the question is, "if everybody wants to achieve something and everybody sets their own goals, why are there other people who are unable to achieve what they want?

The single answer to this is that they haven't set clear goals. Everyone may have set their own personal goals but few may have clear and SMART goals. In order to be successful, therefore, goals must be set in such a way that the person who set them knows how to achieve them.

The following goal setting steps will help people achieve positive results:

1. Set a specific goal you want to achieve. Set goals that are definite yet flexible so that you would be able to adjust easily to specific circumstances and situations. Choose what you want to do in your life and stand by to it. Establish your priorities and manage your time, you do it for a specific goal to achieve the results you expect.

2. Make a timeframe for the set goal. Every goal should have a timeframe so that it will be easy to assess. Moreover, through a timeframe it is easy for you to know when to end. It should have a target ending date. This will enable you to motivate yourself to meet the deadline. If you do not set a date for your goal, you might end up dreaming for that goal to realize for the rest of your life.

3. Make sure that the goal you set is realistic. You must know how to attain your goal and make it real. You may even say that it will take different tests and circumstances to do it, but if those things happen you have to be ready to surpass them all. It is not bad to aim for high goals but just be realistic and make your move to make it happen. If you happen to realize that you "might not be able to achieve what you have set, then modify it into a realizable one.

4. Update yourself with every short-term goal you have achieved. Always determine your exact position on the current goal you are working out.

5. Be ready with the obstacles so that you are ready whatever happens during the process. Don't get frustrated if you did not achieve your goal for the first time, take it as a challenge for your next goal. This doesn't mean that you failed, work harder and don't give up.

6. Always bear in mind that every goal you set should give you benefits. Write down all the benefits that you can get with each goal you have set. The principle is, if have more benefits with your goals, you will be motivated to set bigger goals. Picture yourself accomplishing those goals. This will help you see the benefits you can get.

Follow these simple goal-setting steps properly and they can give you the drive to achieve your purpose in life. These goal-setting steps are important in achieving success in everything you do.

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