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´╗┐Raising Successful and Goal Oriented Kids


It is always a great opportunity to set up goals for your kids and see them working on achieve their own goals. The earlier you set goals for your kids, the better, because it encourages and inspires your child to think about what they want to achieve in school, at home - after several years when they grow up to be like you.

As an adult, you wonder how it is to set goals for your kids, salient point to take note is that children learn by example, and as a parent, you are meant to show them this by being their guide, but must be in a very simple approach. Here are some important things to bear in mind when helping your kids set their goals.

1. Write down the goals which they aspire for.

Let your kids write down their goals on a piece of paper or scratch pad. It is always better if they write it down by themselves, so they can begin to be responsible for themselves even at a very tender age. If your kid cannot write, then you may offer assistance. When writing down the goals, ask them why they want to achieve such goals and what will the goal look like after it has been achieved. Make them write all these reasons down, so on your scratch pad, you should have: Their Goals, why they want to achieve such goals and what will they look like when they achieve the goals.

2. In making goal settings for your kids, be careful when suggesting deadlines. It is important to put yourself in the kid's shoes and imagine how he will grow, so do not expect that some of the goals will be achieved within a certain timeline. Every person have their biological time clock where around a certain age, time flies fast, so when setting goals for your kids, be sensitive about the time frames of his biological development.

3. When setting up goals for your kids, try as much as possible to let them write it by themselves. Do not suggest any dreams or aspirations for them; let them come up with their own ideas and their own goals. Most importantly, if you have to make any suggestions, be sensitive about it and don't force the child to do your suggestion. Try to be realistic with your child when setting up goals. On the first instance, goals which a child may suggest may be big and unrealistic, but as a parent, try to break it down into mini goals. An example of goal setting for kids is learning to spell 5 words in a week, this way; you introduce the child to spelling bee and let him be focused on practicing it.

4. In helping your kids to set goals, but do not attempt to full control over things. You should only assist and monitor your how you child is progressing on a day to day basis. Keep on giving guidance instead of giving the full direction.

5. The last and most important thing is leading an exemplary life. If you assist your child in setting up his goals, then you have to show as an example by writing down your own goals and let your children see how you are working towards them regularly.


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