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´╗┐Examples Of Writing Which Use Emotional Intelligence

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

The term fickle is one that comes to mind when describing people, because of the fact that they tend to change all the time. They change their preferences in terms of clothing and fashion, shopping and entertainment, as well as many other factors in what people refer to as life, and living their lives.

Writers need to keep up with the constantly changing trends of the different preferences of people, in order to keep creating interesting works, and this is especially true for writers of non fiction. They need to study current trends, in order to be able to write works that can be considered as viable in the world of literature.

One of the latest changes which has taken place in the world, is a change in views about emotions. In the past it was thought that emotions were the direct opposite of rational thought, and many did not consider the possibility that we had emotions for reasons other than to distract us. The widely held opinion was that emotions were to be ignored if one wished to be successful in life.

Recent studies have shown however, that people tend to be more successful if they are emotionally intelligent. That is to say that they need to have the ability to understand emotions in order to make the right decisions in life, and there is also proof that emotions work together with intellect, in order to help us live a more successful life.

Writers need to consider this shift in opinion when they are working, and they need to take into consideration the implications of this revolution, and incorporate it into their writing. They need examples of writing that have emotional intelligence, in order to base their works on it, but the question is, how can examples of writing that have emotional intelligence help the writer!

Connection - In the past writers pf non fiction often wrote in a very impersonal manner, and they were often advised to leave feelings out of their works completely. Nowadays however, writers have discovered that they need to include emotions in their work, in order to be able to attract more readers. They need examples of writing that has emotional intelligence contained in it, in order to learn how to connect with their readers at a deeper level than the surface intellect.

Of course people do read articles in order to feed their minds, but readers also tend to stick to a particular writer, if that writer touches their emotions in a very profound manner. That is the secret to being a good writer.

Creativity - In order to unleash pent up creativity, a writer needs to tap into his or her emotions, but the first experience of unleashing your emotions into your writing can be a frightfully confusing time for some of them. However with examples of writing that have emotional intelligence contained in them, a writer will be able to learn how to channel these emotions properly, as the examples of writing that have emotional intelligence in them may serve as guides, thereby allowing a writer to tap into his or her emotions carefully.

Thanks to those examples of writing which already have emotional intelligence in them, writers will be able to channel their creativity properly, and not exhaust their emotional reserves. There is a theory that some writers experience the so called writer's block because they exhaust their supply of emotions, but by using examples of writing that have emotional intelligence in them, they will be able to avoid this catastrophe, and continue on with writing great pieces.

In making use of emotional intelligence in their work, writers can make sure that they will be able to produce more quality pieces for people to enjoy and learn from.

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