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´╗┐How The Theory Of Daniel Goleman On Emotional Intelligence Affects Education

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

Education is one of the most important things in life. It is through education that we manage to pass on to each succeeding generation, the progress that humanity has made. If you stop and think about it, how else could we have reached the level of civilization that we have today!,

Knowledge is the key to humanity's progress, and knowledge takes time to uncover. However each person's time is strictly limited, and there is no one person on earth who can ensure the continuity of knowledge by himself. In order to ensure the progress of humanity therefore, people have to be educated.

There are many different opinions regarding the functioning of the education system today. Some say that the education system is too lax, and that students are unable to learn anything because the teachers are reduced to acting as facilitators. Others feel that the current education system is more effective, since students can learn at their own pace, and are encouraged by the more friendly atmosphere of the classroom.

One of the factors that people consider when debating this today, is emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" affected education in a very profound manner, but before his book was published, it was assumed that emotions had a lot to do with learning,and that feelings are not just instruments to distract students from their studies.

However people rarely took these views seriously. Sure they adjusted the teaching methodologies a bit, but prior to Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence", the education sector did not really consider the possibility of emotions as having a very big impact on academic proficiency.

Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" affected education in a very deep way however. It opened the eyes of educators to the possibility that emotions may not be hindering students from their studies, and Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" opened up the education establishment to the possibility that emotions may even be responsible for a student's success.

In the past academic prowess was often determined through IQ tests, but because of Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence", education was given a whole new outlook. People began to realizethe fact that not every person with a high IQ enjoyed success.

The importance of emotional intelligence, is that it helps a person cope with the environment. A person needs emotional intelligence because of the simple fact that they must be able to understand and relate to every part of their being, in order to be able to utilize it properly.

Those who try to disregard emotions when it comes to learning and business, find that this can be very difficult. They will also be limited by their own unwillingness to tap into the power of their own emotions, and so they become merely limited money making machines, and nothing else.

As a result of Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence", education gained a better view on how to make learning easier for the students. Instead of trying to convince students to put their emotions away when they are studying, facilitators are now encouraging them to actually nurture their emotional intelligence, and find out ways to apply that emotional intelligence in life. As a result of this, students are given fresh methods of studying, and they find a new source of strength which they can harness in order to accelerate their progress.

The effect of Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" on education can be illustrated in this way, namely that emotions are like wild horses, and for a long time people were told not to go near them or they would get hurt. However through the years, people have discovered that there are methods which may be used to enable them to ride the horses as it were.

Through emotional intelligence therefore, we are given a new form of transportation to take us into the future.

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