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´╗┐The Power Of Words - Emotional Intelligence In Articles

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Writing is among several media which we have been accustomed to using since the very early days of civilization. It is not surprising really that this particular medium has managed to retain its worth until now, as it is so powerful.

We know exceptional detail of our history, because some people cared to write them down on paper. We also learned philosophy because the philosophers of ancient times realised the importance of preserving their thoughts in writing.

we actually have a much greater understanding of life itself, because we have retained so many written accounts of it, and as obvious as it may seem, emotional intelligence devloped in the world because people wrote their understanding of it in ink.

The book on Emotional Intelligence by the psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, revolutionized the views of people with regards to a person's success.

For a long time, people believed that the only true determinant to a person's achievements was their intellect, and this is measured through Intellectual Quotient, or what we simply call their IQ. An individual's IQ is the measure of how intelligent a person is, depending on the level of his ability for logical analysis, and a number of other fields are taken into account also.

We don't know exactly why people readily embraced emotional intelligence as fact, although this does not negate the fact that many people disagreed with Daniel Goleman, and advocated that there was enough evidence available to suggest that emotional intelligence as such should not be recognized as a part of intelligence.

With the rise of the controversies and the considerable interest in this new field, many authors have shared their opinions, which is either to accept and progress with the present knowledge, or to scrutinize and find loopholes with this new field in psychology. Nonetheless the general public have found wisdom in using emotions to become the people that they want to be.

With the lifestyles which we have today, it is important that we encounter articles that do actually discuss the concept of emotional intelligence from time to time.

Words have this power, namely to exert considerable influence on our thoughts, because they help us realize what should be accepted, and what should be denied. Words have created so significant changes in the development of mankind.

The Son of Man, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was crucified because of words, because of words nations fell, because of words wars started, and because of words people can change significantly.

There are endless possibilities that words can offer to us, and even living in our present environments, words still can rule our thoughts and our decisions and knowledge of things in general. Things may change, things can find their true value because of a word, and by use of words we can find the changes and values between any of the issues we that we are confronted with on a daily basis.

The articles which we encounter on the Internet on emotional intelligence, or those that were published offline, are all great contributions to the knowledge that we have on emotions and on how they affect people. The focal point of all changes occurred when the book on Emotional Intelligence emerged on to the scene however.

Articles on emotional intelligence provide us with previews on the present vault of knowledge which man has on emotional intelligence. You might well find some contradictory information provided by other articles, and you might find many that would support the claims of the pioneers in this field.

Nevertheless we cannot deny the truth, that no matter how useless an article on emotional intelligence may seem, there are still grains of truth which is embedded in it, and each of these grains is a tiny contributor to the greater scheme of things.

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