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´╗┐Using Emotional Intelligence to Combat Depression And Anxiety

from: valerie Christie - Guest Writer

There are often periods in a person's life when the world just seems so bleak. There are times when one's existence can just seem so pointless, although for most people these episodes are short and temporary. For these people the emotions of depression and anxiety are nothing to be alarmed about, but there are those who suffer from these emotions on an on going basis, and consider them as threats to their goal of living a happy life.

There are people for whom depression and anxiety are barriers to their success, and these people find that their problems of depression and anxiety are not just mere episodes. They consider that depression and anxiety are threats to their lives. We must ask why this is so!

For starters, anxiety and depression are very negative emotions, and these emotions when they come in fits, can have very detrimental effects on a person's life. When you are depressed you won't be able to think clearly, and your perspective on things will be distorted, which means you will not be able to make objective decisions.

Anxiety prevents a person from thinking things out properly, and someone suffering from anxiety, often finds that they are unable to do anything about his or her situation. Those who are overcome with anxiety often experience a feeling of helplessness, and are inclined to do one of two things:-

a) They resign themselves to their situation. As a result of anxiety, a person's mind can shut down and only focus on their anxiety instead of the problem. Anxiety can make them unable to act and they therforejust resign themselves to waiting for what they think is inevitable.

b) They act rashly. Many people who are overcome by anxiety often lose their focus of the world around them, and make decisions that are fuelled by their anxiety. They often end up making all the wrong moves in their lives because of this.

An effective weapon against depression and anxiety is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to perceive and understand emotions, and through emotional intelligence, depression and anxiety can stop being problems.

How does one use emotional intelligence against depression and anxiety:-

Understanding - This is the key to using emotional intelligence against depression and anxiety, as because of emotional intelligence, people can understand their emotions. This is the first step in breaking the hold of these emotions, as people use emotional intelligence against depression and anxiety by understanding these emotions. They learn the source of their emotion, and therefore learn the most effective way to deal with their problems.

Distinction - A person with emotional intelligence can use it to distinguish what emotions are. They are able to distinguish their feelings from their thoughts, and they are able to distinguish those parts of their emotions that comes from them, as opposed to what they think is causing their feelings. It is this distinction that enables a person to use emotional intelligence against depression and anxiety, because they are able to take control of their emotions and use them properly.

Cultivation - Depression and anxiety are often caused by unfulfilled emotional needs, but emotional intelligence is all about cultivating emotions. Many people have been ignoring their emotions for years, but they fail to realize that it has to come out sooner or later. Through emotional intelligence however, people combat depression and anxiety by letting emotions grow naturally in a controlled manner.

There are many other ways in which emotional intelligence is used against depression and anxiety. However these few ways which have been mentioned, should be able to give you an insight on how emotional intelligence works, and why it is good for you.

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