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´╗┐Daniel Goleman On Emotional Intelligence

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Emotional intelligence is just one facet of your personality, a part of your being who you are. Experts agree that aside from your intellectual quotient, your emotional quotient as it were, is a relatively large contributing factor of how successful you will be in the future. Although we make decisions using our intelligence, that is the part that we use in analysis and thinking, and for storing information vital to creating appropriate solutions for the conditions we are faced with. For long time, many experts considered the the IQ was the only factor that settled our course through life.

In the past people failed to consider emotion as being responsible for playing a greater part in creating crucial decisions, and they may even have regarded emotions as the obstacle to living life fully. They were regarded as just a distraction to proper logical thinking.

However times required us to change our views, and people were born to redirect our thoughts, and one of them is the pioneer of emotional intelligence, psychologist and author Daniel Goleman.

We are engaged in a constant interaction with the person sitting next to us, and in the process of interaction, many skills are needed to determine if it is successful or detrimental to the people involved. We need to possess social and careful analytical skills to communicate well with others, and the capacity to channel things into productive mediums of interaction.

All of these aside, there are other crucial parts to living our lives that we must learn, and failure to do any one of them, will create a domino effect on how well we actually do live our lives. This also will have a bearing on creating harmonious relationships between ourselves and the people that we are closely related to. These are the skills covered in our emotional intelligence.

People with high emotional intelligence are seen to stand out even when competing with individuals of equal or higher IQs. There is no harm in being extremely intelligent however, it is just that in everything we have to strive to find balance and harmony.

For a long time the only factor thought to be relevant in determining happy living was the ability to think well, but because of the studies Daniel Goleman brought forth, and the publication of Emotional Intelligence, the views of people on proper living were radically changed.

Daniel Goleman and his book Emotional Intelligence diverted our focus from higher IQ to higher EQ, and experts have now realized that people who perform well are not only those that are bookworms. In fact, there are numerous cases when the streetwise and emotionally intelligent people reap the gifts of success.

We can determine emotionally intelligent individuals through behavior that sets them apart from those who have a higher intellect, but also unbalanced emotions.

They are those who have the ability to persevere and empathize and control themselves. They are those who can solve problems using their best judgments, and those who have the capacity to interact well with people. They are also those who can control impulses and those who can keep relationships. They appear in many faces and each of them has characteristics different from another.

All these abilities stem from their capacities to become aware of their own emotions and the emotions that other feel. They have the realization of why and how they react in the ways that they do. They, in a way, have higher intrapersonal intelligence as well as social intelligence that is helpful in making judgments and awareness of themselves, and the people they are interacting with.

While everybody might not have superior IQs, all men have equal chances to develop emotional intelligence, since this is a very dynamic aspect of one's individual personality.

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