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´╗┐The Many Uses Of An Emotional Intelligence Test

from: Jim Holden Staff Writer

No one knows you better than yourself supossedly, and yet even this statement must be justified for accuracy, because knowing oneself is the ideal case for us to be in, yet only a few have ever achieved this specific state. Many may claim that they are fully aware of the emotions underlying their personalities, or the triggering instances that would help these emotions rise.

Many may also pretend that they understand themselves fully, and that they have a proper awareness of themselves and their personalities, while some may go even further in claiming that they can discern the reality of their lives. These may well be true, but the sad truth is though, that achieving that ideal state takes a deep realization and acceptance of things.
Human beings have a tendency to blind themselves to of their flaws! We are too myopic to see our imperfections, and although we say that we love everything that we are, and have accepted ourselves fully, once we are confronted with situations that will open our eyes to the true facts, only then do we begin to see the realities.

An emotional intelligence test will work like an eye opener to us, because it will help us to appreciate our flaws, and over and above, our imperfections as well. If someone were to come to you now and say that you were lacking in emotional intelligence, would you even listen to him!. Very possibly not.

There are reasons why you would not listen however, and one of them might well be that you are convinced that you are not lacking in anything, or another one might be that you just do not have enough trust in the person who is telling you this. There may well be other reasons aslo, but central to them is your non acceptance of the realities.

If you are not willing to listen to, or agree with what someone else may be telling you, then you can at least consider what facts an emotional intelligence test may actually reveal to you.

Everyone wants to be perfect, yet the more that we drive ourselves to acheive perfection, the more we become frustrated.

There are no perfect emotions, and there are no perfect reactions to specific events, but rather that we just develop certain emotions only according to the conditions that we may experience at any given point in time. Your emotional intelligence is only the product of your reactions to these situations therefore.

Therefore if you reacted negatively to a specific condition, it is very likely that you have developed a portion of your emotional intelligence based on that negative reaction, and if this is the case, then you might well have flaws in your character. The problem is that we rarely recognize flaws in ourselves, unless we are exposed to situations or sircumstances that provide the reasons to make us face up to our blemishes. That is exactly the reason why an emotional intelligence test is carried out, namely to help us to know more about ourselves.

Many people are becoming more aware of developing their emotional intelligence as being a crucial part of their individuality, so as to create fuller lives. Emotional intelligence tests are now being integrated within school classrooms, to help teachers determine the potential, and also the true characteristics of the individuals whom they are dealing with.

Emotional intelligence tests are now also being administered at various institutions where knowing more much about each individual and their background, is a necessary requirement.

To become more aware of our emotional intelligence and the facets that encircle our personalities, will help enrich our knowledge of ourselves. We will be helped in creating better people from the people we are now, and in the end, our claim of knowing ourselves will no longer be a veil that we use to hide our imperfections with, but a mirror that will reflect the true self that lies within us.

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