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´╗┐Get In Touch With Yourself - Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

It has become a recent trend in the self help industry, that to be able to succeed, one has to be aware of his or her emotions. These trends are justified, but why should this actually be the case! There is no exact answer to that, but we might try and shed some light on some of the undiscovered facts, once we recognize that emotions truly help us to experience more of life .

If we allow ourselves to become to immersed in one specific emotion, say happiness, or fear, for exmple, we then tend to have a better understanding of the meaning of the experience, or the depth of our emotions. We cannot generalize on this, and each experience is as varied as the prints on our fingers, and the realization of this fact does dawn on us in most cases, depending on how we reacted to the experience of it.

Our emotions set us apart from other people. They determine the way in which we act, and give reasons as to why we act the way we do, or why people behave in the manner that they do. Emotions set our own personal boundaries, and in a sense limit us from becoming ourselves by making us realize the exact people that we want to be.
Emotions help us communicate our feelings and our reactions towards things, without having to actually say them out loud, and overall therefore, emotions affect the way in which we lead our lives. This can be true whether it is on the road either to perdition, or to success, but these of course are also affected by other factors which are essential to everyday living.

There are various divisions of emotional intelligence, including self awareness and emotional sensitivity, emotion management, self motivation and the ability to handle relationships.

In order for anyone to improve theiremotional intelligence, they must gather some understanding on these particular areas of themselves. After all the methods that you will use in improving your emotional intelligence, will be centered around these five aspects of it.

The first thing you would want to do is to fully develop your self awareness,because in that way you will be able to know the extent of your emotions, and the meanings which they bear. No one can help you here better than yourself, since no one knows you better than you do.

The perfect connection which you can make to allow communication between you and your inner self is meditation, and relaxation and proper observance of yourself are the keys to this. Let your thoughts flow in the process, do not make immediate judgements, and do not even start any analysis at this point. After your meditation comes the realization of all the questions that have cropped up.

Once you have connected yourself with the self that resides in you, no one has a better understanding of the pool of emotions which you are experiencing. It would now be a good time to take responsibility for your own emotions, because better understanding leads to better judgement.

Once you understand yourself fully, only then would be the time for you to really determine the emotions you must accept, and retain and the emotions you have for denied for so long. At the stage of beginning to know yourself, you will understand that your emotions are not the full embodiment of your being who you are.

There is no such thing as bad emotions, and do remember that every bit of emotion that you are experiencing, is your reaction to specific stimulations. Do not make assumptions on how bad you are, based on the wrong emotions that you experienced, because the opposite is also true, which is that making self judgments will never make you a better person.

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