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"Knowledge Processing Creativity And Politics" By Showan Kurshid

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

There are many approaches to the understanding of creativity, and one of such interpretations is the book by Kurdish doctor and writer Showan Khurshid entitled, Knowledge Processing Creativity and Politics. His explanation of the concept of creativity deviates somewhat from the traditional and revolutionary school of thought, to something that is quite 'evolutionary' and philosophical, banking mostly on idea of human morality.

According to Dr Khurshid, fundamental changes in society are actively linked with people's perceptions of morality, as opposed to the usual Marx inspired thinking, relating such advances and changes to class stuggle and differences in economic status and background.

His book Knowledge Processing Creativity and Politics, places a question mark on the rather conventional way we treat and deal with differences in ideologies philosophies and religions. Dr Khurshid adopts the thinking which maintains that the morality approach can be applied to all aspects and strains of human life. The main question he seeks to answer is, how is it possible to have political order and peace in society.

Knowledge Processing Creativity and Politics, stresses that man's most important and vital characteristic to survive in this world, is his creative faculties. That is the ability to obtain, pass on and apply the knowledge he has learned, based on his physical makeup or biology, and his mental abilities or psychology and experiences.

Creativity to him is a prerequisite for morality, and the best form of morality is what would help our creativity grow best. People should agree on their perceptions and definitions of morality, in order to resolve conflicts, obtain peace, give rise to political power, and eventually achieve peace and order.

We might well ask how this agreement is possible, in a world with varying interests, orientations and tastes. When we really think about it, a lot of liberal ideologies and democracies have fallen into conflict because of moral disagreements. In many cases the manner in which societies groups and concepts evolve, are also based on such disagreements.

This is not to imply that because the presence of these disagreements is common to all societies, they all ended up in the same vein. As a result of the variations in history and background, they have been transformed into different societies, with different, sometimes even opposing political thrusts and histories.

Knowledge Processing Creativity and Politics, tackles the above issue in much greater length, and it will take more than just this article to summarize all the ideas Dr Khurshid has suggested. One thing is clear however, that creativity is a powerful force in all of life's movements and shifts, and that creativity is among the factors that greatly influence and effect change.

It is something that we should therefore care for, and constantly seek to improve and cultivate.

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