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Creativity Identification Instruments
PRIDE (Preschool and Kindergarten Interest Descriptor) is a parent report inventory developed by Dr. Rimm to identify creative characteristics as they are ...
www.sylviarimm.com/creativity.htm - 16k -

Nightly Business Report . NBR Complete Transcripts: 09-15-2006 | PBS
... of passage since 1956, spurring the imaginations and creativity of millions of kids over the years. ... Research in Motion (RIMM) though gaining $0.40. ...
www.pbs.org/nbr/site/onair/transcripts/060915f/ - 48k -

Underachievement Identification Instruments
Also see Dr. Rimm's Creativity Identification Instruments. For more information or to order any of Dr. Rimm's testing materials, call 1-800-SYL-RIMM ...
www.sylviarimm.com/uatests.htm - 14k -

2005 February @ Scatterings
Itís a repository of human knowledge and creativity organized organically. ... Eric Ward, Ian McAnerin, Cam Balzer, Alan Rimm-Kaufman, and Brian Klais. ...
www.stephanspencer.com/archives/2005/02/ - 139k -

Creativity Assessment
Journal of Creative Behavior, 16(1), 50-57. Davis, G. A., & Rimm ... Identifying creativity (part I). Gifted Child Today, 27, 34-37. Rimm, S. (1984). ...
www.creativelearning.com/Assess/test33.htm - 8k -

Department for Education and Skills
File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML
High pressure to achieve academically can limit creativity ... Davis, G.A. & Rimm, S.B. (1998). Education of the Gifted and Talented (4th edition). ...
www.joanfreeman.com/content/Text%20part%20two.doc -

Simple Gifts: The Education of the Gifted, Talented, and Creative ...
... methods to promote creativity, and general issues in the field. ... S. Rimm); "Fostering Creativity is Basic for the Gifted and Talented" (L. Dickmann); ...
www.eric.ed.gov/sitemap/html_0900000b80101846.html - 5k -

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