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Creativity For Life
An exploration of creativity in everyday life, with articles, quotes, reviews and other creative resources to awaken creativity in daily life.
www.creativityforlife.com/ - 35k -

Creativity Explored | about us | facts
Creativity Explored of San Francisco. A place where art changes lives.
www.creativityexplored.org/about_us/facts/ - 19k -

Psychology Today: The art of creativity
Offers a look at creativity and how it can be encouraged. Riding the white moment; The ability to see things in a new way; Inside creativity; Creativity in ...
www.psychologytoday.com/articles/pto-19920301-000031.html - 67k -

IDEAS 1: Talking About Creativity
According to creativity expert Natalie Goldberg, "No matter what you do, ... Rollo May separates the view of creativity as a recreational practice from ...
www.nciia.org/resource_folder/entreguides/gettingstarted/ideas1.html - 24k -

Creativity at Work: The interplay of business, art and science
A resource for training and development in creativity and innovation in organizations. Has a newsletter, and some articles and essays by 'Corporate ...
www.creativityatwork.com/ - 29k -

The creative pages
Learn how to manage for creativity and innovation with Jeffrey Baumgartner! Sign up to participate in The Way of the Innovative Manager Workshop, ...
www.jpb.com/creative/index.php - 20k -

The Truth About Creativity
The concept of creativity is over 50000 years old and has always been an inherent talent in Homo sapiens -- human beings, as we know them now.
www.gmarketing.com/articles/read/2/The_Truth_About_Creativity.html - 22k -

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