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´╗┐Parkinson Creativity

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

You probably already know about Parkinson's disease, which is how the word Parkinson is often understood. However the reference to Parkinson is not all about the disease, or the disease causing pathogen. There is also a connection between Parkinson and creativity.

Perhaps you also have not heard of a Parkinson community, but there is actually such a community. The worldwide Parkinson community had a meeting in the month of February in 2006, at the World Parkinson Congress 2006. This lasted for five days in the Convention Center in Washington DC.

The reason for their worldwide meeting was to be able to bring the entire Parkinson community together, to share and review and teach and learn more about Parkinson's disease, which is otherwise known with the shortcut name of PD. They also learn and discuss the latest advances in research care and treatment regarding PD.

The World Parkinson Congress showcased hopeful and recent research, as well as allied health professional procedures and clinical practices, and best care initiatives, support groups and activities. There was also extensive networking and imaginative initiatives and procedures that are geared to support the person who is living or rather suffering from Parkinson's disease.

The question is where does creativity step in to all of this. Many of those who are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease have found unique ways to rise above its impact, so that they can produce very beautiful works of art, including music and visual arts, writing and dancing or drama, as well as web design and crafts.

The creativity of these people is absolurely outstanding, and they also get to help other people who are in dire need, such as those patients who are music lovers, or those who are into writing and those who love to act, either in front of an audience or just plain acting.

Those patients who seem to be possess completely natural grace in dancing, as well as those who have such skillful hands for molding those different designs and crafts are also helped, as well as those who are more involved with technology such as web designers etc.
Parkinson Creativity also surely serves a therapeutic purpose, and this therapeutic purpose is evident throughout the whole program.

Parkinson creativity is believed to have quite an impact on one's quality of life. It does not mean a total end to enjoying life just because a debilitating disease is hanging over your head, and therefore Parkinson's disease should serve as an inspiration to others, and most definitely not be perceived as a hindrance.

One of the components of the WPC was "Creativity and Parkinsons", which is a beautiful and organized exhibition of art and crafts made by the people who are diagnosed with the disease. They provided a comprehensive and very inspirational message to all the participants, and also demonstrated tangible evidence that creativity can indeed affect one's perception of life's quality.

The impact that artwork creates and the artist's statements, will act as fuel to enable people to study more about the creative process, and the therapeutic value of creativity. Parkinson creativity is basically a therapeutic kind of creativity, whick not only helps those who are suffering from Parkinson's disease itself develop sharper critical thinking and love of art. but it also provides entertainment and inspiration to the wider community as a whole.

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