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A5 Rough Guide A/W
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confidence and. know how through. professional support. Through local and ... confidence amongst. 13-19 year olds and. their creative ideas, ... -

Press Briefing by Scott McClellan
So does he retain confidence in Karl Rove, specifically? ... Any individual who works here at the White House has the President's confidence. ... - 62k -

Analysis of STULONG Data by Rough Set Exploration System (RSES)
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RSESlib, a library of rough-set based methods, was supported by ... confidence(r) = the measure of truth of the decision rule:. confidence(r) = ... -

Speech recognition method using confidence measure evaluation ...
A confidence measure yielding an improved classification result is obtained when instead of such simple original (rough) confidence measures (second ... - 30k -

Rough Waters in the South China Sea: Navigation Issues and ...
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Rough Waters in the South China. Sea: Navigation Issues and. Confidence-Building Measures. J I G U O X I N G. Analysis from the East-West Center ... -

A novel approach to computing rule confidence in rough sets theory ...
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improve the prevenient researches on rule confidence in rough. sets theory, and then give a novel and relatively complete. approach to computing confidence, ... -

Rough set spatial data modeling for data mining
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respectively, the rough confidence is RC. 7.0/8.5 or 82.4% and therefore this rule. is also output. 4.4. Rough Spatial Query Predicates ... -

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