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ScienceDirect - Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public health ...
As is the case with other statistics, the narrower the confidence interval, the more precise the estimate. The CI for the NNT can be determined easily by ...
linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S1744224905001841 -

Amazon.com: Statistics in Epidemiology: Methods, Techniques and ...
For instance, they define risk differences, risk ratios, and odds ratios for use in ... for the calculation of point estimates and confidence intervals. ...
www.amazon.com/Statistics-Epidemiology-Methods-Techniques-Applications/dp/0849394449 - 113k -

Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
There are also links to online statistics books, tutorials, ... This page takes the odds ratio and its confidence interval from a clinical trial, ...
statpages.org/ - 127k -

Resource R00005 ORINTA: A Small Software Program to Learn Risk ...
Keywords: odds ratio; risk ratio; educational software; epidemiology ... Finally, it shows in an easy way how confidence intervals are narrower when the ...
www.utmb.edu/meo/r0000005.htm - 10k -

Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications ...
Odds Ratios and Relative Risk Ratios. Probability, Odds, and Risk; Odds Ratio ... Creating Confidence Intervals; Comparison Using Two One-sided t-tests ...
www.vonl.com/CHIPS/bastats2.htm - 12k -

Stata Bookstore: Statistics for Epidemiology
4.1 Relative risk: 4.2 Odds ratio: 4.3 The odds ratio as an approximation to the ... 9.2 Summary estimates and confidence intervals for the odds ratio, ...
www.stata.com/bookstore/sfe.html - 30k -

Stata Bookstore: Statistical Modeling for Biomedical Researchers
It assumes only a basic knowledge of statistics, such as that obtained from the ... 4.9 Statistical Tests and Confidence Intervals. 4.9.1 Likelihood Ratio ...
www.stata.com/bookstore/smbr.html - 38k -

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