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Rachel Weisz picture from the movie - Rachel Weisz movie stills ...
Movie stills of Rachel Weisz - Rachel Weisz picture and list of the web greatest Rachel Weisz ... 2003 Confidence. Rachel Weisz Picture from 2003 Confidence ...
www.allmoviephoto.com/c/RachelWeisz.html - 39k -

Tucson Weekly : Cinema : Ample Assurance
A bland performance by Rachel Weisz as a wannabe grifter slows things down a bit, but not enough to make Confidence anything less than a decent, ...
www.tucsonweekly.com/gbase/Cinema/Content?oid=oid%3A46976 - 25k -

Rachel Weisz: 2003 Confidence movie stills - photos
Movie stills of Rachel Weisz from 2003 Confidence.
www.allmoviephoto.com/c/2003_Confidence_RachelWeisz.html - 34k -

CONFIDENCE stars Edward Burns as a polished con man who must pull off an ... Also appearing in the film are Rachel Weisz, Andy Garcia and Paul Giamatti. ...
www.sundancechannel.com/film/?ixFilmID=2675&rname=The+Film+Finder - 27k -

Rachel Weisz Interview - Confidence Movie
Interview with actress Rachel Weisz about her role in the dramatic movie, Confidence, co-starring Ed Burns, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia.
movies.about.com/cs/confidence/a/confidenceinta_3.htm - 27k -

Search for: "Rachel Weisz" at tlavideo.com
... international shipping destinations and lower rates! Click here! You are here: Home > DVD > Search for: "Rachel Weisz" ... Confidence. (2003, 98 min) ...
https://www.tlasecure.com/templates/results_list.cfm?pid=41066&v=1&sn=1&g=0 - 157k -

Confidence (2003): Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Dustin Hoffman ...
Confidence review by Cynthia Fuchs -- They meet at King's club, where he's auditioning strippers: Dustin Hoffman, big pimping.
www.popmatters.com/film/reviews/c/confidence.shtml - 51k -

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