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´╗┐Dig Down Deep In Yourself To Find Self Confidence

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive material

It goes without saying that we are exactly the true people that the Almighty Creator intended us to be, and yet other people are very keen to point out our imperfections to us. Why for example are we not like others who seem to be able to make everything that they touch turn to gold, or like those people who excel at everything they do.

It does semm to be true that some people are luckier than others in this life. They do appear to easily get all the many fortunes and blessings that life can offer, but we should keep in mind the fact that all of us have different burdens and crosses that we must struggle with, and carry through ourselves.

We cannot say that we should have been born more beautiful,or more affluent, more artistic, or possibly even more famous. We all have our individual personalities, and there really is no direct comparison between any two individuals, so we should not think that we were not all created equal, because it is not true. Every event and everything in the world is perfectly made to fit each one of us, but we get ourselves into a muddle, and try and grab things that are not rightfully ours to have.

We ignore these truths though, along with many other truths that open themselves up to us, and it bothers us enormously to think that we are not placed on an equal footing with others.

We cannot remain envious of other people's good fortune or their lifestyle and possessions forever! We have our own problems and difficulties to be bothered about, and those are very much our own.

However, we have all been given many gifts of our own, as well as many talents and skills that we can develop if we are so inclined. We have been given enough resources to help us lift ourselves up from under the blanket of low self esteem and failure that we have been embracing.

Looking enviously at your neighbor will only discourage you, and this envy in the end might even lead to you hating yourself, and therefore completely forgetting what you are capable of acheiving yourself.

You might well claim that you have no confidence to be able to accomplish all those things, but the very self-confidence that you claim that you do not have has actually been given to you. It is simply the fact that you have covered it up with feelings of insecurity, and all the fears and negative thoughts that you can build into your own personality.

Self-criticism is good when it empowers your self-confidence, and it helps when it illustrates to you what is wrong with what you are doing. When it gets to the stage that you have to succumb to every aspect of it's negative impacts however, it is time to evaluate whether or not criticizing yourself severely is really helpful to you.

We all have our fears, but some people are very good at conquering their own fears. Please do not think however that they are guided better than you are, because we are all given equal guidance, enough to let us see the bright sides of each event, but that all lies in your perception of things however.

If you are inclined to always see the dark side of events, and are always prone to have negative thoughts, you are almost certain to walk the road of insecurity and low self-esteem continuously.

To become more confident in yourself, you only have to see the the brighter side of things. You are the best in doing things your own way, and you can excel if you choose to and want to.

You have your own personal road to travel, and you should not need to look enviously at someone else.

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