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´╗┐How To Build Self Confidence And Make Other People Believe It

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer

Whether we want to or not, we often turn to other people's beliefs in order for us to believe as well. This is because we are a circle living in a larger circle of opinionated people, who can either push us upwards, or bring us down.

If we always believe everything that other people tell us, then we are sure to find ourselves in trouble of some kind or another. It is seldom the case that people who we associate with, always have our best interests always uppermost in their minds, but of course this does not negate the fact that many are nevertheless concerned for our welfare.

The point which we are making here is that you should be a bit more careful of what to listen to, and what not to listen to. So when building up your self-confidence, you should use a basic rule, which is to make other people believe in what you tell them.

You should apply the principle of projecting yourself forward when starting out with the restoration of your self-confidence.

Some people seem to have been born with a confidence that appears to let them face the world with complete impunity. They walk smartly, and talk eloquently, and they seem display the conviction that they are totally self made men, while their audience look at them with complete awe and envy and wonder why they cannot be like one of them.

The truth is that they are good at projecting themselves. They are conscious of their bearing because after all, this is the aspect of them that is visible to the rest of us.

Self-confidence is not an innate part of us. It must be cultivated and must be developed, otherwise it can be eroded by a number of factors, both seen and unseen.

Self-confidence is a trait which we all have to develop. It is not encoded in our genetical makeup that one person must have low self-confidence, and another must be blessed with high self confidence. The chances are there for all of us to take, that is if we truly are ready to take the chances offered to us.

As with most human behavior, the manner in which we project self-confidence and the fruits that it bears, are learned over time. Additionally it would always show stages of development over a given period of time.

It is normal that at the outset you might not have great faith in yourself, and you might even want to just leave the whole thing, and stay "comfortable" with the way things are. When you feel a bit hesitant or otherwise uncertain of your course of action, the one thing that you would want to do is to convey the impression of self-confidence to others. Try and imagine that you are already the confident person which you wish to be, and constantly remind yourself of this impression.

This might take time so do not expect that you will grow confidence overnight. You will have to be able to exert a great deal of your will power, and do some straight talking to yourself to be able to get through the first stage. We describe this as the preparation phase, which by the way is the most difficult stage in beginning the building of self confidence.

You will then begin to make other people believe that you really are the confident person which you are projecting, and in time you will learn to make yourself believe that you truly are positive about yourself.

It is almost like tricking yourself, but it is a habit which over time, will ultimately pay great dividends.

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