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´╗┐Overcome Low Self-Esteem And Start Gaining Self-Confidence

from: Jim Holden Staff Writer

If you suffer from low self-confidence, you might think that you are worthless, or at least much less significant than the person sitting next to you.

There might well be some truth in this but it does not necessarily have to affect you, or worse still, destroy you in certain ways. If you ponder deeply on the negative effects that your low self confidence gives you, then you will only see and understand the negative aspects of it. It is exactly the same when you see the brighter sides of things, because What you focus your eyes on becomes the focus of your attention.

We cannot of course quantify people into simple categories, because we are extremely complex beings, so let us just say for the sake of this article, that a human being either has confidence or lacks it, there is no real in between situation to that fact.

We know how self-confident people conduct themselves, they walk, talk, and tend to do things well, and usually they are so eloquent and so smart, that often we may find ourselves looking at them in awe. In many ways they seem to be so impressive, that we often wonder why we cannot be like them,

We have learned to associate self-confident people with these characteristics, just as we have also convinced ourselves with the idea that individuals with low self esteem are timid, and do not perform well especially when they are in public. It all stems from the manner in which we bear ourselves, as people think of us as being self-confident if we conduct ourselves well, otherwise they will make the assumption that we lack confidence.

It is possible for anyone to gain self-confidence if there is a need for it, as self-confidence is not a trait that we automatically inherit at birth, but rather it is a learned and conditioned behavior that all of us can have a chance to develop.

If you are suffering from low self esteem and you want to gain some, the first and most vital thing that you can do is to modify some of the attitudes and perceptions which are closely related to your diminished sense of self-esteem.

This could take the form of a verbal appeal to your inner self to recondition your mind, and central to this, is to repetitively say to youurselfphrases or words that would affirm your self-confidence, and this also covers the idea of not confusing your actions with yourself.

The mistakes and errors which you have committed, should not be seen as a true reflection of how bad or good you are, as they are but momentary faults made by a good person who was somehow confused at the moment the error was made.

This might sound blindingly obvious, but it will still work provided that you believe in yourself. There is no way that you will become confident in yourself if you do not believe in what you are actually capable of doing. The mere thought that you are an important, even if only a single wheel in the coach of the world, is more than enough for you to be equipped mentally and to be confident of yourself.

The last thing you want to do is to immerse yourself in negative thoughts, as being only negative, would obviously not deliver you on to a positive approach to things.

You have to suppress those negative feelings in yourself, and try not to listen to what your old negative self would say, and that way you will be able to gain much more confidence in yourself.

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